August 27, 2012

Nars ANDY WARHOL Collection

Alrighty. I have been researching all morning about a new and very exciting collection NARS will be releasing over the next couple of months. NARS will be releasing a Andy Warhol collection. For those who know me, you realized what a huge deal this is. I am sooooo excited about a Warhol collection.

Andy Warhol is a huge inspiration to me. He inspires me to create and think of things in a different way. The whole magic of Andy is something I have fallen in love with other the years, in a Edie Sedwick kind of way.

Enough about me, more about NARS.


This post will probably have info added to it as, NARS releases more information. The information I do have are basically in bits and pieces. I sadly don't have pricing or pictures for everything... yet.

Apparently full pictures and a product list should be a available this week. To be honest I think more information is being released as I type.

For the information & pricing I have, as well as a couple photos follow the link below...

So far this collection is appearing to be very bright and vibrant, as well as very artistic featuring some of Andy's best works. EVERYTHING in this collection is Warhol themed, weather it be his friends, works of art, the factory, or New York itself.

This is one of the first collections I have come across that will be launching on 3 separate dates. I must warn everyone this collection as a whole is HUGE and kind of defeating in a way, at least for me. I find the collection is soooo big, it's almost impossible to ever own the whole thing, or at least for me, living life on a budget.

My original understanding of the releases would be that everything would be released in stores, however I am finding out now that something will only be available online, which I have stated beside the product.

The first part of the collection will be released on Oct 2nd/12 at your local Sephora.

Debbie Harry Cheek & Eye Palette $65.00

Kiss Mini Gift Set $55.00: Silver Factory, Drella, Chelsea Girls, Blue Movie, & Myth.

Eyeshadow Flower Palettes (3) $55.00 ea


Walk on the Wild Side Set $39.00: Silver Factory Illuminator, It Nail Polish, & Orgasm Larger then Life Lipgloss.

The second part of the collection will be released November 2012 at department & speciality stores, as well as online.

Silver Factory Set $200.00 (Select Stores): Silver Factory Multiple, Shadows Trio Eyeshadow, Chelsea Girls Matte Lipstick, Desire Blush, Larger then Life Eyeliner, #13 Eyeshadow Brush, & #8 Blush Brush.

Edie Set $75.00 (Online): Film Star Pure Matte Lipstick, Edie Eyeshadow, Carpates Eyeliner Stylo, & Deep Throat/Armor Blush Duo.

Beautiful Darling Set $49.00 (Online): Candy Darling Nail Polish, Femme Fatal Eyeshadow Duo & Woman in Revolt Larger then Life Lipgloss.

Photo Booth Set $35.00 (Online): Black Room, Soup Can, Chelsea Girls, & Silver Factory.

Eyeshadow Self Portrait Palettes (3) $55.00 ea (Online, Department/ Specialty Stores)


The third part of the collection is a holiday set. It will be released at Sephora & at department stores.

Nail Polish (5) $18.00 ea: Black Room, New York Dolls, Superstar, 15 Minutes, & TV Party

Satellite of Love Highliting Brush $28.00

47th Larger then Life Eyeliner $23.00

Soft Touch Shadow Pencils $24.00: Empire, Trash, Silver Factory, & Heat.

Larger then Life Lip Glosses (5) $26.00 ea: Penny Arcade, International Valet, Viva, Candy Says, & Hollywoodlawn.

Wow!! I know huge right?? Tons and tons of stuff to look at, but something for everyone. I am hella excited, and hope this blog has made you excited for this fantastic collection too!!

I would love to hear your thoughts and feelings on this NARS collection. Feel free to drop a line below...

Peace & Luv

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