January 25, 2011

Today's Look... Lady is a Vamp

Cause the lady is a vamp, she’s a vixen not a tramp…

Today I have created a dark, most so evil look if you will. Once I had started, it reminded me of vampires. I guess because of the use of black and the red as the main color. It reminded me of blood, but most of all there eyes… (Maybe that’s Twilight sneaking up on me??) Either way this is it…

Today I first applied a base on my eyes as always. Always use a base, you will find a much better result. Using NYX jumbo eye pencil in Milk I lightly ran a line right under my eyebrow, then blended in the line with my finger. This creates a base for your highlight later. Then I applied Sugar Pill's Love+ to my lid. I only applied the Love+ up to the crease. Then in the crease and blending outwards I used Sugar Pill’s Bulletproof. After applying the basic black I took my time blending the two colors together and blending the black out to make for a nicer transition. The next step was to take Tako, from Sugar Pill and apply my highlight. I basically just press the Tako on under my eyebrow and blend it under my brow and into the Bulletproof with a blending brush for a simple transition. Lastly this I like to take a fluffy brush and lightly (I can't stress lightly enough) take Love+ and brush over the black right around the blended edges. After basically finishing my upper lid I begin to work on the bottom. (lol) I first line my water line with my jumbo pencil in Milk, and then apply Avon's Glimmer Stick in Blue on the lower lash line. Only apply the liner on the outer half of your eye lid. On top of the blue liner apply Bullet Proof with a thin liner brush. On the other half apply Love+. After this I applied my mascara. (I can’t remember the name and I sadly don’t have it with me.) Poof! Your eyes are done!

On my face I’m wearing MAC's Cooling Powder, and on my cheeks A Bite of Apple (my go to) all from there Venomous Villain’s collection.

Hope you like! J

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  1. I love this color. Love+ is the BEST red I have ever found.