January 14, 2015

Review... ESO Smooth Lip Balm 2014 Holiday Collection

Inspired by travel and the warm sun, this limited edition eos Smooth Sphere lip balm flavor trio was inspired by fashion designer Rachel Roy. Each pack includes brand-new, limited edition flavors Indian Summer Orange Blossom, Aloha Hawaii Strawberry Kiwi, and St. Barth's Sunrise Pink Grapefruit. USDA-certified organic and 100% natural with a special design on each lip balm, this collection is sure to keep you smiling all season long. Makes a great holiday gift or stocking stuffer.

Over the holidays I was shopping (of course) and came across a Evolution of Smooth holiday set that came with 3 EOS sphere lip balms. I thought since I have never tried them why not give this holiday pack a try.

So as mentioned there were 3 lip balms included. As far as packaging went it was very cute and very giftable. You could tell right away that it was made to give as a gift during the holiday season. They came in a circular container with a clear lid so you could see the contents.

Lip Balms include Indian Summer Orange Blossom, Aloha Hawaii Strawberry Kiwi, & St Barth's Sunrise Pink Grapefruit. (Personal favorite: St. Barth's Sunrise Pink Grapefruit)

Each EOS lip balm came in its classic sphere shape, as well as regular twist on container. At first I wasnt too sure how I would feel about having a round lip balm. I found that in the end the shape had no effect on how I felt about it.  The round edge makes it a little easier to apply in one round consecutive motion. I thought it was a cute and funky idea simply because its diffrent. With this said like many other lip balms or lip chap I find that the lid & edges tend to get dirty quickly. I thought there may be a tighter seal on the EOS balms due to the lid actually screwing onto the bottom but found them to be just like any other lip balm. 

The first thing I noticed about the actual product was the smell. These EOS lip balms smell like candy and will continue to smell like candy while you were them. There is no horrible after taste from licking your lips either.

I enjoyed the way these balms applied smoothly to my lips. Its glided on nicely without over applying. At first my lips were very smooth & felt moisturized however after only a few minutes I found myself needing to apply more. I also found that as this lip balm absorbed into my lips, they started to feel s little dry. Almost as if I need to continue to reapply, reapply. Over a couple days of use I found my lips to be more dried out then when I had started. 

At first I was really excited about this product. I think its a super cute idea, in a unique package however I was a little disappointed with the product itself.

If you would like more information on thus product head to evolutionofsmooth.ca

Hope you found this review useful. Feel free to leave any questions or comments below.

Peace & Luv

Nails... Hotski to Tchotchke

Today I did one of my favourite things to do, got my nails done. I was feeling a little adventurous and wanted to try something a little diffrent.

Every 2-3 fills (depending on what kind of shape my nails are in) I like to get my false nails removed and a new set applied. My main reason for doing this is to prevent any fungus or infections. After a while your real nail grows out. The arcylic or gel or whatever you choose to use could seperate from your real nail and allow water to sit inbetween, cause a fungus or infection. 

So this was my time to switch up nails. When they asked me about shape I decided to try something diffrent and go with a almond (stiletto-ish) shape. I really like this look on other woman. Its a retro look that has been given a modern flare. At first I will admit they were a little intimidating. (I felt like I had a new set of claws. It was kinda awesome.) After a short while I did get used to them. It wasnt hard for me to switch from my usual square shape.


(Photo's were taken one full week after having manicure done.)

As far as polish and color goes I stuck with my other new trend, Shellac. I feel like the Shellac or gel polish helps keep my nails stronger and more durable. Today I went with what Ive been calling a mermaid color, CND's Hotski ti Tchotchke, a bright and pearly Teal. My nails were topped off with the CND Dimond Shine top coat.

Peace & Luv

December 23, 2014

Sparkling Green Holiday Nails

Today's manicure was very stright up & basic. I got my usual acrylic fill, with a sparkling green gel polish to keep im theme with the holiday season. 

To create this glittering look we started with a shimmering teal gel polish as a base coat. Once that was set by UV light we began to apply the sparkling green gel polish. I used one coat for the base coat & 3 coats of sparkles to really make sure the entire nail is opaque.

This is a very "basic" look but really quite effective. I have been getting many compliments on my sparkling christmas nails. They arent too over the top but enough to notice.

You can alway add extra Christmas decore to your nails by painting on a snowman or maybe a Santa hat. Get creative with yout nails & let your imagination run free.

Merry Christmas everyone!! Have a safe & happy holiday!!! 
Peace & Luv

December 1, 2014

Nails... Gel Polish Manicure- The Pro's & Con's

About a week and a half ago I went to get my acrylic nails filled. While getting them done I decided to try a gel nail polish instead of my regualar polish & top coat.

The only reason I decided to switch was because it was my birthday the following week & thought I would treat myself to something new. I had gotten nails painted with gel once before but my experience with them was a bit of a toss up. I always enjoyed the look of shiney gel nails, however I was never super excited about the price. (Almost an extra $15 in my case.) I also found that the gel polish would fade and slowly rub off when I would use rubbing alcohol while doing make up. Luckily this time around I havent had the same problem. 

This time Im actually really enoying the look and duriblity of my nails. They seem to be a bit stronger & dont seem to be chipping or fading. (1.5 weeks) They are still beautiful & shiney- just a little grown out.

Earlier today I was reading an article about the pros & cons of wearing gel nails or polish. It seemed to me that the biggest concerns are the damaged caused to your nail beds, the frequent soaking of nails/hands in acetone to remove gel polish or gel nails and hands being left directly under UV light to dry. 

Yes, after a prolonged period of time you could begin to see damage to your nails, but that is with anytime of false nail. It helps to ensure you are getting them done somewhere where they know how to do gel nails properly. 

The acetone was a concer because of how much it dries out the nails and skin. I believe it is even absorbed into the blood stream through frequent skin contact. May salons have begun to use acetone soak pads on each nail instead of having the client completely submerge thier whole hand into the acetone.

The UV light helps to cure & dry the nails, layer by layer- which basically means yout hands sit under a UV lamp for half the time you get your nails done. The UV rays, of course are the best thing to be having our hands sit under. As much as there isnt too much of a solution right now, some brands have begun to use LED light which is much better for our skin.

When wearing false nails for an extended period of time you also need to make sure that there are no cracks or spaces for water to leak in. Not only does this allow yout nails to come off faster but it can cause even more damage to the nails, including fungal infections... Yuck. Only get your nails "filled" once or twice, not as long as they will last.

will admit when I get them filled I will probably stick with the gel polish. If you have any questions or concerns about a new product or trying a new product always make sure to research & ask the questions you want answered. 

Peace & Luv

November 3, 2014

Today's Look... Saturday Night

Hope everyone is enjoyed their weekend. One of the looks I wore this past weekend, for me personally is pretty natural- minus my lips. I love a simple look like this because it is pretty easy to do and can be worn with a natural lip or something a little more bold, like a bright pink, or dark plum purple. It just depends what type of look your looking to pull off. 

This look is also very easy to transition from day to night. You can darken and create a smokier eye by adding a little bit of black liner to your lower lash line. Then add a little bit of black shadow or a shade of shadow darker then what was originally worn on the outer corners of your lid. Apply your darker shadow there, and blend. This should create a darker smokier eye. Also apply a bolder lipstick shade for that pop of colour. Perfect for that Friday night out after work, or those last minute plans on Saturday. 


For more pictures and a list of products I used, follow the link below.

October 28, 2014

Today’s Look… Shimmering Violets

Simple but super fun, this look is young and flirty. With bright pops of color and light catching shimmer this look is great for almost any out.

Like many “day” looks you can transition this makeup into something a little suited for a night out just by simply adding some darker eye shadow just on the outside corners of your eye. You can also adjust your eyeliner or add lashes for a bolder effect.

Remember you can always tone down your look just by using a more natural lip color or maybe choosing an eyeliner that isn’t as bold.


For more pictures and a list of products I used, follow the link below…

September 23, 2014

Today's Look... I kissed a Smurf

Today I was limited with the amount of time I had to do my make up but still wanted to rock something that was bold and colourful.  I decided to do a super simple eye with a bold Blue lip.

Wild lip colours have been on trend for a while now, especially over this past summer. You can pretty much get anyway with any shade of lip colour right now. This trend or look seems to work best when you pair it with a really simple and neutral eye.


For more pictures and a list of products I used follow the link below...

September 18, 2014

Today's Look... You're Eyes at Sunset

Today I am keeping true to my recent promise to start creating bright vibrant looks on myself again. Without meaning to I used colors that resemble shades seen in a tropical sunset.

I had so much fun creating this look that I included a quick step by step guide to show you how to recreate this fun but sexy tropical sunset eye.

For more pictures, a list of products used and how to create this look follow the link below...

September 17, 2014

Halloween Make Up Requests!!


I wanted to remind everyone that Halloween is right around the corner. I want to start posting more tutorial like blogs and would like to start with Halloween. With that said if you have a requests for any Halloween related make up or spfx please leave your suggestion in the comment box below or feel free to email in the contact me section.


September 13, 2014

Today's Look...

Hi everyone!! Sorry I keep disappearing. This summer I got signed onto a new TV show that will be airing in October. Can't wait to blog about it. Coming soon...

With that said this fall I will be committing more time to my blog and posting more looks, reviews and other awesome goodies!! Now onto some make up...

Today was the first time in a while that I actually went full out on my own make up. I miss having the time to do my make up the way I usually want to wear it. This look is very similar to the last one I posted, with slight differences. This smokey but colorful look is super fun to wear and easy to do. 


For more pictures and a list of products used follow the link below...