July 25, 2016

First Time: Brow Lightening

Today I had a new beauty experience. This morning I got my eyebrows bleached for the first time. My roommate, Sam (mentioned many times through out my blog) is training for a new job and is having to complete all kinds of testing. Today was her eyebrow lightening test and I was her model. 

I wasn't nervous about getting my eyebrows bleached although I have had dark brows all my life. I actually chose to keep the bleach on longer then she needed to. If I was going to do this I wanted to push it as extreme as we could go. (Side note: My brows could have gone lighter. The pictures I will have posted here are after 30 minutes of the bleach sitting on my brows.) The true experiment was to see if it would make it any easier when apply my brows in the morning, weather they be brown or pink.

When I got home I got rid of some of the tiny dark hairs that couldn't be reached with a spoolie and then applied my make-up as usual. Today I did my brows pink to see if the lighten made a diffrent to the ease of application and the over all effect. 

Getting my eyebrows lightened or bleached has had no effect on how easy it is to fill in my brows thus far. The reason I say so far is because I have not tried filling them in brown. I can imagine that with my brows already being dark it helped the process. Only time will tell. 

Now for the actual vibrancy of my pink brows, yes lightening my dark brows definitely made a diffrence. I find that the pink in my brows is a lot more even across the entire brow. There aren't any dark patches or spots. I feel like anything there will be pros and cons to this transformation. If I find that lighter eyebrows are becoming a bit of a burien I will simply tint them back to a shade closer to what they were previously.

The ligthening itself was awesome. Very comfortable and relaxed. The bleached that is used on brows is slightly diffrent and less strong then bleached used on your actual hair. There was no harsh smell or burning senstation either. Please note that not everyone has the same skin and that diffrent people will react diffrently. I do have sensitive skin and had no problem getting my brows lightened. If for some reason you do feel a burning sensation I would bring it up to your stylists attention immediately. 

I am happy to announce that Sam of course did pass her exam! :) She does awesome work, espeacially if you are looking for on point brows. I wish I could devulge the secrect information of where she actually works, but I can't. However you can follow her on instagram or twitter at @samantha_opal

I will definitely be posting an update on my bleached brows. If you have any questions or comments please leave them in the box below.

Peace & Luv  

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