July 21, 2016

Anastasia Liquid Lipstick Review

Over the past couple of weeks I have been trying all kinds of liquid lipsticks. Liquid lipstick isn't something new in the make-up world. It's just something that has become extremely poplar in the past couple of months.

This week I tried Anastatisa Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick in Rio. Rio is a bright blue based pink. It is extremely vibrant and packed with color. To be honest the reason I chose this shade was because I was looking for something better to do my eyebrows with.

First, lets start with packaging. Striaght forward and simple. No surprises here, which I kinda like. The lipstick comes in a simple lipgloss like tube. It has a pretty average wand applicator and basic screw on lid.

The first thing I did was try this liquid lipstick on my eyebrows. I simply put some product onto a palette and began to apply it to my brows using an angled brow brush. When it came to my eyebrows the liquid lipstick worked great. It was extremely bright and vibrant. Got into all the spaces in-between hairs and sat well through out the day. The liquid lipstick did not rub off or fade through out whhch is a huge plus. I would have to say the only down fall is the stain it leaves in your eyebrows and on your skin. When you go to remove your brow make-up you will probably need to use a remover, making sure you get inbetween all the little hairs. Your also going to want to clense and tone your face (as everyone should always be doing) to remove acsess dirt and color. With all this said and done, you may still have a slighty pink stain on your skin. Just a warning.

Next I tried Rio on my lips, where it "should" be. The liquid lipstick applied nice and smooth allowing me to get a nice edge with no bleeding or mess. The wand that is provided in the bottle worked just as many other wands do. (You may want to apply around the edges with an actutal lipstick brush depending on your confidence.) The color, as it was on my brows was very bold and vibrant. Then a couple minutes went by and my lips began to feel really cakey and cracked. The liquid lipstick was begining to seperate and build up on my lips. It made my lips feel very dry and dehydrated. So before calling it a lost cause I decided to try again after using a lip scrub and lip mosituizer. I of course waited for all these products to soak in before applying my liquid lipstick. And again, cakey, cracking, dry lips. I even found that a lot of the product was buiding up and getting into my mouth. 

The picture above was taken right after the lip color was applied. I don't have a photo of Rio after a bit of wear, however after only 5 minutes of wearing it to take this photo it was already cracking and caking.

Unfortunately I did not have the best experience with Anastasia's Liquid Lipstick while being used on my lips, and probably won't use Rio as a lip color, however I absolutely loved using them on my eyebrows. It worked very well and lasted a long time. 

Remember, I have only tried one shade from the entire line. Unfortunately sometimes not all liquid lipsticks are made the same. It could vary from color to color however something like this is usually a warning for across the board. 

With that said with all the rave reviews and talk about Anastasia Liquid Lipsticks I will most likely try another color again. I'm hoping it was maybe just that shade and will have a diffrent experience next time around. 

If you have any questions or comments please leave them in the box below.

Peace & Luv

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