About moi...

In 2013 I enrolled in a program at Complections; School of Make-up Art & Design. I graduated from their comprehensive course 26 weeks later. Upon completing the program I began freelancing in a variety of make up fields including fashion, bridal, but mostly make-up for film and television. I have continued to build my portfolio and gain more experience each and every day. I will always continue my education towards becoming a better make-up artist.

How did I get into make-up?

As a child I would use my mom, or grandmother’s make-up to play. I was always convincing my siblings to put on shows with me and made them wear what I thought a full stage make up was. As I grew older I never really thought I would want to be a make up artist one day. There was long periods of time where I really didn't wear make-up at all. However as I entered high school I began to care more about my appearance and what I was putting on my face. When I graduated high school I found my interests beginning to change. It took sometime for me to actually realized what I wanted to do. My interests naturally when towards cosmetics, and make-up art. Like so many others I began watching videos on YouTube, and following different 'guru' bloggers, as well as other cosmetic professionals. I will admit it took me some time and convincing from friends and family before I actually went to school. I didn't believe I had that sort of natural skill or visual talent. I'm happy that I believed in myself and took that chance.

Why do I love make-up?

I love make-up because it gives me a creative outlet while helping others feel good about themselves. I get to create from the ground up. I get to be as colorful, or as dull as I want to be. You can literately transform yourself into a different person or creature using what ever color, or texture you like. Make Up is a never ending field of possibilities and imagination. What you can do with it is truly endless.

Why did I start this blog??

I started this blog because I wanted to have a place share my ideas and make up creations. I enjoy getting opinions and input from people on different artistic levels simply because I am constantly striving to improve my skills as an artist.

In the end I write this blog for myself. I wouldn't do it if it didn't make me happy, and I didn't feel like it bettered me as an artist.