February 14, 2011

Today's Look... Rainbow Brite

Today's look is one of my favorite looks in the whole world. I have recently had many people ask me to do this look, (one person in particular... ;), and actually really miss it. There was a while there I was doing it all the time so I stopped and just haven't had the time recently.

Today I rocked my Rainbow-Brite look!!! It's a Sugar Pill rainbow!! I love this look because its fairly simple, and uses so many colors so you know your going to have bright colorful eyes. Plus it's always a impresser. :)

Here's what it looks like.


I have more pictures & how to get this look below...

I first started off as always with my primer. I then started applying Nyx's jumbo pencil in Milk under my eyebrow, blending it in with my fingers. I also used it on my lower water line. All the colors used in this look are Sugar Pill pressed eye shadows. The first color I started with was Buttercupcake. I applied this on the inner corners of my upper lid. I'm applying all colors up to my crease. You just need to create a nice shape. Next I apply Flamepoint in the center of my lid, blending it into the Buttercupcake. Keep all your colors out because you may need to add more as you go along. Lastly in the outer corner your going to want to add Love+, again your going to want to blend all the edges in. Once you have a seamless transition on top your can add your highlight. I used Tako under my brow bone, blending all the colors out.

Now your ready to move onto your lower lid. You going to want to line your lower lash line with a colored liner. You can use one solid color along the whole bottom but I used green, blue, and purple. These are the three colors that will be going down there. Next I take a thin liner brush and add Poison Plum to the outer corners on my lower lid. I make sure to blend the Poison Plum into the Love+, this maintains that seamless finish. In the center I added Afterparty, and on the inner corners of my eye I added Midori. I hate to sound like a broken record but blending is what brings this look together. It sounds like a lot of colors, and in actuality it is but all it takes is patience and good blending skills, then you've got it! I next liner my upper lash line in black and added some mascara. I used Themyscira on the top and Army of Amazons on the bottom. Both colors are from Mac's Wonder Woman collection.

My very last step was my lips. I wanted to try out my new lipstick and lipglass from the Wonder Woman collection. I first primed my lips, then lined them with a berry pink color. Next I applied my lipstick in Spit Fire, and my lipglass in Athena's Kiss. Both also Mac products.

Other then your regular facial routine, then only thing I really did different was the blush. I used my go to favorite, Bite of an Apple (Mac) as usual. Then a lightly applied my pressed shadow, Poison Plum. This gives it a really nice pinky-purple hue. Really fun for a rainbow look.

Thats it for the rainbow-brite look. This is truly one of my faves. Hope this brightens up everyones day!

Lots of pictures below...

Here are the sites when I found the products I used...
Sugar Pill: http://www.sugarpillshop.com/
Mac: http://www.maccosmetics.com/
Nyx: http://www.nyxcosmetics.ca/