March 11, 2011

Nails... Blueberry Marble

Today I 'dabbed' my nails instead of painting them. I used a really simple technique that anyone can do. I had to use the same color I used for my last blog post because they are the only colors I have with me. Today Evan (<3) named the blog. I asked him what he would call it and he came up with Blueberry Marble. It's not so much a marbling technique, as much as a paint technique.

For more pictures, how to, and list of products check out below...

As I said this look is super simple, and a lot of fun. The whole reason I actually did this look, and the reason why I love this technique is because you aren't using a lot of paint so it dries really quickly. I'm a impatient person. lol

I start by applying a base to my nails. You can use any clear coat or strengthener you want. Next take a disposable makeup sponge and paint the tip of it in your first color. You can use any color you want, and any amount of colors you want. Take the tip of the sponge and dab it randomly around your nail. Don't use too much or it will just blob. Then take the other end of your applicator and apply your next color. As I said you can continue to do this any number of times either layering the color or adding different ones. Last you want to apply any top coat to make your nails nice and shiny.

To create this look I used...
-Sally Hansen's Thicken Up
-China Glaze's Bahamian Escape
-Hard Candy's Mr. Right

Check em out here...

Simple, but pretty cool lookin. Hope you like!

Peace & Luv.

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