March 9, 2011

Todays Look... Green Eyes

Today I did a look I named after one of my favorite Cold Play songs, Green Eyes. If you haven't heard it before you should check it out here...

Today I wanted to do something really fresh, bold, and bright. I choose to use a couple colors to give it some depth and variety.

For more pictures, a list of products and how I created this look, keep reading...

To create this look I started by applying my primer on my lid. Then I added a jumbo pencil in Milk to my lower water line, right under my brow line and on the lower half of my lid. I blended in the pencil under my brow and on my lid with my finger. Next I applied Tako onto the lid of my eye. Next I took Midori  and began to apply it in the crease of my eye. I made sure that this blended smoothly into the Tako below. Next I used a loose pigment in Wasabi. I blended this above the Midori, making sure to have a seamless transition. Next I Tako with a blending brush under my brow bone. Next I applied White Trash Bitch to my lid, to give the matte white more of a sparkle. I then lined my top lid with a liquid liner in a dark green, as well as lined the bottom with a pencil liner in a dark green. To finish it all off I added my Army of Amazon mascara. Poof! Eyes are doneski!

-Prep & Prime
-Nyx Jumbo Pencil (Milk)
-Tako by Sugar Pill
-Midori by Sugar Pill
-Wasabi Pigment by OCC
-White Trash Bitch by Bitch Slap Cosmetics
-E.L.F Liquid Liner Pen
-E.L.F Eye Brightening Pencil
-Mac Mascara (Army of Amazons)

-Prep & Prime
-E.L.F Lip Seal
-OCC's Divine Lip Tar
-Mac's Lipglass in Emancipation

-Prep & Prime
-E.L.F Tinted Moisturizer
-Mac's Cooling Powder
-E.L.F Shimmer Palette
-Mac Blush (A Bite of a Apple)

You can find all the products I used here....

Hope everyone likes!!



  1. eyes look awesome, love the lip gloss! just found your blog... its great good job!!

  2. Veryy gorgeous :) Good use of colors

  3. Very nice look and I am loving those lips!!! I need me some lip tars! ^.^

  4. Yes! OCC Lip Tars are awesome. They are extremly pigmented. They last a long time cuz you dont need much. Thanks man!