April 5, 2011

Hair Show Haul!!

Sorry this post is so late. Better late then never I guess. (:/) Oh well, it's only been a week. Either way, last Monday the ABA held the annual Hair Show in Toronto. :) My sister and I attended as we have done for a few years now.

One of the greatest things about attending the hair show is some of the great deals you can find. They have a lot of cool stuff, that disappear at a rapid rate. I really didn't get too much makeup this year simply because of the line and how disorganized it was. (Word of advice/little vent: If you are in a huge line, please don't let 5 of your friends stand in line with you. It sound petty, but if you were there you would understand. :/)

Besides that I had a awesome time, and enjoy the items I purchased and have used so far.

I have pix & swatches below. Here's what I managed to find...

Urban Shock by Scruples: This was probably one of my most favorite items I found at the hair show. I say this because I already use this product. This is actually one of my go to color hair dyes. Usually I buy them for $12.00 a tube. They were selling them at the show for $6.00 a tube. Half price. Plus if you bought 3 you got 1 free. (They like to get rid of stock of the last day. ;) I love the Urban Shock color. I find it works awesome on my hair. The color lasts for a good amount of time. Another cool thing about these colors is depending on how much conditioner you blend with the mix depends on how light your color will be. You may have to play with it for your first time.



Its a little harder to show a swatch of hair dye. Check out my rainbow hair blog for on hair example.

All of the following cosmetics are by Modern Basic Beauty.

Hydro-Cream Eyeshadow (Dark Green-d512): Aside from my hair dye, this is probably one of my favorite new items I found last Monday. :D Since then I have used it four times and still can't get enough. I find this cream shadow works really well as a base, but also blends out quiet nicely if you wish to just use it as a shadow. I wish I had more time, and were able to buy more.



Lip Liners: Lip liners were one of the items I had on my list of things to get. I know I wanted to grab a couple, in need of my lip liner collection to grow. Only after the rush and madness of it all did I realize I went with all some what pink shades. At least they all differ. I find these liners to be quiet smooth, but don't have a super long staying power.
-Whipped Pink (k324): A bright bubble gum pink.
-Lure (k302): A paler pink, almost a peachy color.
-Tickle Me Pink (k314): A darker reddish-pink.


Pigment Luster: These colors come in small tall jars. (In my pictures I have switched containers) You get quiet a bit of a products for the amount of money you are paying. I find when they are applied they tend to be a lot lighter then they look in the jars. You aren't going to get that bright bold color, but more of a lighter sheen shade. All in all I like them, they just aren't as bright as you would think.
-Tangerine (g212): Bright orange, blends out into a lighter orange.
-Blue Ha Ha (g133): Bright blue, blend out into a pale blue.


Glitter Glam Brilliants (True Blue-t705): This glitter also comes in the small tall jars. (Again in my pictures I have already switched containers.) You get the same amount as the pigments. I actually really like this glitter. I find it doesn't feel chunky or sharp as some sparkles or glitter do. The one thing you need to watch out for with this glitter is the color you see in the jar may not be the color that come out once you apply the glitter to your eyes. You actually need to look at the color the glitter is shining in the bottle. For example: My true blue, is really a silver sparkle. Pink, is really a gold sparkle.
Aside from that, I think this glitter rocks. The True Blue that I got looks like a million flashes from camera's going off on your eyes. GLAM!!

Here are swatches for the pigments and glitter...

Once Blue & Orange blend out they are much lighter.

Glitter on top of the Green cream shadow.

Pink 5 Shade Palette: Unfortunately I haven't had the chance to actually try this palette out on my face. I have swatched it thought and from what I can see the colors seem to be quiet pigmented. The actually pans of shadow are average size. One thing I did like about the palette was the ability to pop the pans out and replace them with another color.


Dramatic Fantasy Lashes: I LOVE these lashes! They are soooo dramatic and so out there. These were the types of lashes I had been hoping to find there. Unfortunately there wasn't too much of a selection, weather it was because we had come on the last day, or if that was all they had. Either way, I grabbed the most dramatic ones I could find and was quiet happy with what I got. Can't wait to practice my false lash skills, and post a look!
-f142: Feathered Black Lashes

-f143: Super Long Dramatic Lashes

They are so crazy long. I couldnt believe it. Its gonna tickle when I wear them!!

Brushes: They had a wide variety of brushes, as well as brush sets. I managed to squeeze through and grab a couple. Again this is another set of items I would have liked to spend more time looking at, and probably would have bought more.
-38 Baby Fan: I use this brush to wipe fall out or excess sparkles off my face.
-15 Dome Blender: I use this to apply eyeshadow to my lid.
-817 Small Chisel: I use this to apply eyeshadow to small areas, or for my wet palettes.
(These brushes are cruelty-free, but are not vegan.)
Baby Fan Brush

Dome Blender Brush

Small Chisel

Unfortunately I wasn't able to remember all the prices through the madness of it all. I can remember the most expensive item was $7.00 for one of the brushes.

I encourage anyone who lives in the GTA (Ontario, CAN) to check out the ABA Hair trade show, or any beauty trade show in your area. If you look into it, you would be surprised what you can find!
Happy hunting!!

Peace & Luv


  1. Awesome haul! Really cool to see what things you found.

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  3. Exciting products i love to go to things like this xx