April 15, 2011

Today's Look... Brown Eyed Girl

Today's look is called Brown Eyed Girl. I went with something that was a little more natural. I used to say as a rule of thumb, NO brown. Brown is boring. Well, I would like to retract my pervious statement and say if used properly and for the right look, it can look awesome. Same goes with hair. If you get a beautiful brown color, on the right person, it can look bang on!

Today’s look features a lot of browns and more natural tones. The pictures unfortunately as some do, didn’t turn out to be the greatest. I must say it did look a lot better in real life, but we shall work with what we have.

This is what it looks like…


For more pictures and a list of products I used click the link below.

This look great if you want something that can give you that edge of drama, without the look at me color. You can also choose how dark and light you want your color to be. My look tends to be a little darker, but you can defiantly lighten it up by applying less color, or a different color altogether.

Products I used…

-Prep & Prime
-Nyx Jumbo Pencil (Milk)
-Avon 12 Color Palette (Light Beige & Darker Brown)
-Sugar Pill Pressed Powder (Bulletproof & Tako)
-E.L.F Pencil Liner (Black)
-E.L.F Liquid Liner (Black)


-Prep & Prime
-E.L.F Tinted Moisturizer
-Mac Cooling Powder
-E.L.F Highlighter Palette
-Mac Blush (Bite of an Apple)

-O.C.C Lip Tar (Anime)

This is a pretty toned down look for me. Again as I said you can adjust it for yourself. Hope everyone likes!

Peace & Luv

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