May 1, 2011

O.C.C Garage Sale!!

Check out OCC's first annual Garage Sale, where we're making room for even more exciting products by clearing our inventory of products that have already had their moment in the sun - at fraction of their original cost!

Hey ladies & jelly beans,

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics is having a bomb Garage Sale!! Selected products are 50-60% off!
Unfortunately it doesn't say how long the sale will be lasting. I guess while supplies last, so hurry! (lol)

***Just found out, if you live outside the US, (Canada) OCC can't send any nail lacquers over the boarder by ground or by air. If you have already placed a order, dont panic, they have great customer service and will get ahold of you for a refund or to replace it with another item.***

Featured products below...

Lip Tars: Reg $13.00 Sale $6.50 US
-Complex: Super pale grey-plum.
-Valentino: Red with plum undertones.

Nail Lacquer: Reg $8.00 Sale $4.00 US
-Twirl: Shimmery deep beige. (Metallic)
-Rhythm Box: Creamy subdued magenta.
-Perpetual: Florescent purple. (Sheer)

Air Brush Makeup: Reg $25.00 Sale $10.00 US

You can check out the whole sale on there site...

I personally scooped up a Valentino Lip Tar & all 3 nail lacquers. Can't wait to show and tell!

Peace & Luv

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