June 4, 2011

Gosh Nail Polish

I was at the drug store the other day, and I pop into there cosmetic section just for a second to see if there were any cool new polish. I came across a mix & match bin of different brand and colors of polish for a couple dollars. I came across a Gosh polish and decided to buy it. It reminded me of other Gosh colors I used to have.

Here are the two I have left...

Magic Star

Miss Sweety

Magic Star

Miss Sweety

I also had Silver, which was one of my all time favorite colors, hence why I no longer have it. One I would like to get from Gosh is there 'Rainbow' sparkle polish.

I have not yet tried Miss Sweety yet on my actual nails, but would imagine the formula is somewhat the same of Magic Star. When applying it to the false nail it seemed to be smooth and covered in two coats.  As for Magic Star, this is a sparkly polish I have loved since the day I saw it. It makes me sad, that I may have to find a new one soon. :(

Oh well... :)

Peace & Luv

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  1. I love GOSH, we had a Miss Sweety special edition in the shop a while ago and it looked lush. :)