August 30, 2011

Nails...China Glaze's Passion

Today my lovely lady at Mimi Nails in Caledon squeezed in me. Thank god. :) <3

I felt like trying something a little different then what I have been wearing lately, so I decided it was about time to rock some gold again. This is a gold polish I have never tried before, I think I've fallen in love. It's called Passion, by China Glaze. This color was included in China Glaze's Romantique Collection (2008).

(For some reason, my camera really hated my nails today, and didn't want to take a proper picture of them. :/ I do apologize, sometimes it had a life of it's own.)

This shade is very metallic, and almost dries matte. It continues to look matte even with a topcoat. Don't be fooled by it's natural looking shade in the bottle, it is very shiny and different.

As much as I am loving this shade I'm sure I will be applying a coat of 5 Golden Rings (a sparkly gold from China Glaze.)

Hope this inspires you!

Peace & Luv

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