August 3, 2011

O.C.C Lip Tars- Beyond Pastel 6 Pack

Recently Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics (OCC) had a sale on. They had bulked some of their colors together into 6 packs and offered them at a discounted price. The offer truly was worth indulging in. :) They are still offering a few of the six packs. They still have the Primary Color Lip Tars, and two of the loose color packs. I got myself the Beyond Pastel 6 Pack, and am so happy I did. I have now found some of my favorite Lip Tar colors because of this pack. :)

For swatches, pricing, and more information follow the link below...

As mentioned previously, there are still some of the 6 packs available.

Lip Tar 6 Pack $50.00
Loose Color 6 Pack $40.00


Review wise these colors are amazing. They are highly pigmented. You truly only need a little drop to cover your whole lips, and yes you will get perfect coverage. The color is long lasting and doesn't need as many touch ups as a regular lipstick. I love lip tars. OCC can keep em coming!
*** Beside my new favorites.

Tone: Slightly Greyed Mauve-Pink


Vapid: Bubble Gum Lavender


Cha Cha: Creamy Pale Tangerine


Lo-Fi: Mint Green (Neutralizes Red)


Pageant: Beauty Queen Pink ****


Plum: Deep Plum ****


Super excited about all these colors. I know not all of them are considered 'wearable' to a lot of people, however I believe it's important to remember to just have fun and be creative. Its good to go out on the edge sometimes. :)

Hope this inspires you to try something new, or revisit a old friend!! Check out OCC Lip Tars, they are always coming out with new shades. <3

Peace & Luv

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  1. ooooh my god. those must be some of the most gorgeous lip tar colors I've ever seen!!!