August 25, 2011

Today's Look... Bubble Gum Yum

This look is defiantly the biggest super-bubble-pop look Ive ever done. It almost reminds me of a Barbie Doll. I didn't intentionally do this. I was just trying to do something nice, but simple before work. I wanted to use one of my Sugarpill Sample again, and choose the lipstick, simply cuz it was something different and went along with my eyes.

Here is what I came up with....


For more pix and a list of products used hit up the link below...

-Too Faced Shadow Insurance
-NYX Jumbo Pencil (Milk)
-Sugar Pill Loose Shadows (Birthday Girl)
-Sugar Pill Pressed Shadow (Tako)
-Sleek Makeup Acid iDivine Palette (Light Blue)
-Sephora Flashy Eyeliner Pencil (Green)
-E.L.F Eyeliner Pencil (Midnight)
-E.L.F Liquid Liner Pen (Midnight)
-Black Mascara


-GOSH Velvet Touch Primer
-MAC Pressed Powder (Her Own Devices)
-MAC Cooling Powder (Truth & Light)
-MAC Blush (A Bite of Apple)

-Lime Crime Lipstick (Great Pink Planet)
-MAC Lipglass (Athena's Kiss)

Managed to use a lot more products then I thought. The whole look is one color across the whole lid, sharp eyeliner, big mascara, then lips. Really e to the z. (lol. L is for loser.) <3




Hope you like!

Peace & Luv


  1. FREAKING love it! Makes me want to rock a bright pink on my eyes too!

  2. :) I think its the lips that kill it.