November 24, 2011

Hip Apotheca: Figs & Rouge Lip Balm Review

Figs & Rouge 100% Organic Balm protects your skin against dryness. Ultra smooth with organic ingredients which are both nourishing and smoothing. Figs & Rouge illustrates `Natural Glamour’ -Petroleum Free, 100% Organic Balms that contain no mineral oils or harsh chemicals yet remain stylish & elegant.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to these amazing balms. Besides moisturizing lips, Figs and Rouge can be used in a multitude of ways. Here are our favorites: - Having a bad hair day? Use it to tame stubborn flyaways. - Lightly dab on dry patches around eyes, lips and nose without disturbing your make up - Moisturize dry cuticles - Mix a bit of pigment to create a sheer tinted lip balm

This morning I was pleasantly surprised to wake up to another discovery kit from Hip Apotheca. Excited to see what was inside, I didn't waste anytime opening it. Inside was a Fig's & Rouge Lip Balm.

I have never heard of this brand, let alone try one of there products. It came with card displaying the variety of diffrent flavors & scents of balms you can get. (Aloe & Mint, Wild Cherry, Pomegranate, Coco Vanilla, Rambling Rose, Sweet Geranium, plus more.) There are many to choose from.

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I also love the packaging. Lip Balm that comes in a tin always ends up being my favorite. I find it easier to get to the product. The tin itself is super cute. Almost giving a old school look, each tin comes in a different color with a assortment of flowers and/or leaves along the side.

Figs & Rouge are 100% Organic and was never tested on a animal. This balm can be used on your lips, hands, body, & face, however I personally just stick to my lips. Each tin holds 0.26oz (8 ml) and go for $5.60 each. You can find them on

The lip balm itself is wonderful. Sometimes I find some lip balms to be too dry. You can barely apply it to your lips. Not in this case. Figs & Rouge was extremely moist, and was very easy to apply. Once it was applied you could instantly begin to feel a difference. Your lips begin to soften, and feel much for hydrated.

To prevent from having a oily goopy mess, make sure to keep lip balm in a cool dry place. I have found this product begins to melt very quickly, with minimum warm.

I think Figs & Rouge would make a great Christmas gift to any ladies you are shopping for this year. Its good for you, has multiple uses, and is hella cute. It is not flashy at all, and any one of any age could use it.

New favorite lip balm? It just might be.

Peace & Luv

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