January 24, 2012

O.C.C Black Box

"Paint it black with OCC! In between seasons, make the strongest colour statement you can with the presence of all colours: true, unflinching, pitch black. For eyes, lips, nails and everywhere else your heart desires. A variety of textures from matte to gloss to metallic, including OCC Lip Tar in Tarred, its matching Nail Lacquer in Tarred, Pure Pigment in Black and its accompanying #006 Short Shader Brush (perfect for packing eyeshadow onto the lid), and introducing our newest Cosmetic Glitter in Obsidian, not yet available for purchase individually! Get grown-up, goth glam. Go back to black with OCC." (OCC Website)

Recently Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics has come out with a gift box set called the Black Box. It is filled with black goodies for that gothic look.

Right away when I heard about The Black Box I loved it. The name made me laugh and it's filled with dark goodies. I personally always loved black nail polish and always had black lipstick somewhere in my makeup collection. Plus not all companies come out with these colors so they can sometime be hard to find. Plus it includes a brand new glitter that is not being individually sold yet.

The Black Box is filled with a Lip Tar (Tarred), Nail Lacquer (Tarred), Pure Pigment (Black), Short Shader Brush, and a Glitter called Obsidian.

The Black Boxes will be sold for $49.50 US, and can be purchased on the OCC website.

I warn now that unfortunately due to shipping laws they can not send this box set over internationally. Only US. (It's because they can't send the nail lacquer in the mail.) :( :( :(

If I could I would grab this set. Can't wait to try Obsidian.

Peace & Luv

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  1. Hi! :) Did that Obsidian glitter ever get released?