June 14, 2012

Sugar Pill's Heart Breaker Palette Review

As I'm sure many of you have heard Sugar Pill has released 4 brand new pressed shadows. They are found individually or in the Heart Breaker Palette. These four new shades are packed with color. They are all fantastically different from previous shades released but still keep true to the quality of other Sugar Pill eyeshadows.


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As previously mentioned the Heart Breaker features 4 new shades. 

-Acidberry: Lime Green with light Green shimmer.
-Velocity: Dark true Blue, matte finish.
-2 am: Dark Purple, (not a dark as Poison Plum) with Blue shimmer.
-Mochi: A mix between pale Green & baby Blue with light Blue shimmer.

As far as pigmentation and color goes, these shades are just as wonderful as any other Sugar Pill eyeshadow. The pigmentation & color pay off is great. These colors come out nice and bright and appear on your skin as they would in the makeup pan.

If I had to speak of any negatives it would be application. Application in the respect that it wasn't horribly difficult to make the true eyeshadow shade appear and stay on your eye, but that some shades took slightly more time or layering to get the true shade to show. 2am and Velocity are examples of that.

You can find the Heart Breaker palette or any shade individually here, at Sugar Pill's website. The Heart Breaker palette is $34.00 USD. Individual shades go for $12.00 USD. As far as cost goes I would say these colors are pretty affordable. You're getting a awesome product, that actually has great color application for very realistic prices.

My favorite color from this palette would have to Mochi. I just love how this color looks on the eye alone or blending into another color... like Velocity. Mochi is a lot of fun and hella easy to apply. A fun color.

When it comes to packaging Sugar Pill does a great job of making it affordable, while keeping it classy as well as practical. The palette flips open. It stays closed by using magnets. Inside you will find your four shadow shades, as well as a decent size mirror, built into the palette case. On the back you will find a picture of the product labeled with all the names of the colors, as well as any information you should know.

Sugar Pill has hugely help those of us who transfer our eyeshadow into other palettes, or magnetic palettes, like a Z Palette. Sugar Pill's eyeshadow pans are made from a magnetic metal so there is no need to switch product from pan to pan or having to stick magnetics on the back. This in my eyes equals bonus marks! 

Altogether I would give this palette a complete yes, or go, or whatever you want to call it. Sugar Pill truly takes their time creating shades and colors that are unique but defiantly something that people are looking for. Sugar Pill has maintained their quality, as well as creativity.

Defiantly something to check out. 

Peace & Luv

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