July 18, 2012

MAC Fluidline (Blacktrack) Review

Last week I was on MacCosmetics.com re-ordering my Mineralized Skinfinsh pressed powder and searching around to check out some new products.

Earlier that day while doing my makeup I was getting frustrated with my eyeliner. If I had to pick one thing I love/hate about makeup it would have to be eyeliner. I love me some bold eyeliner most days. I personally believe it is one of the aspects of makeup that can really create and finish your look. However I hate, and struggle with applying it, weather it be on myself or someone else.

Through out searching around on the MAC website & remembering my earlier encounter I had thought to maybe try ordering MAC's Fluidline. I decided to only order one color, Blacktrack because I was only trying it for the first time. I don't usually use a gel or cream eyeliner so I didn't have the proper brush to apply it with. I decided to purchase my first MAC makeup brush, 210.


I usually struggle with a regular liquid eyeliner (yuck) or a eyeliner pen.

For my full review & pictures of the products follow the link below...

When I first opened the package and saw my new eyeliner and brush it was exactly what I had expected. A little glass jar with the classic MAC logo & a smooth black cream inside. Partnered with my new MAC 210 Precision Eyeliner brush.


That day the package had arrived while I was doing my makeup, before I had gotten to my eyeliner step. Needless to say I got to try it right away. The Fluidline is extremely creamy and smooth. It is rich in color, and glides onto skin easily. Wearing the eyeliner in warmer temperatures it lasted all day, and stayed in place. With that said the bold/brightness of the color may fade more then a liquid liner over the course of a day.

The Fluidline is easy to apply. It gives your the control over how much you want to apply to your eye and at what rate. You can apply thin, in small stokes to build color, rather then paint in on all in one swoop.

I was impressed with the Fluidline right away. I really like the texture and quality of the product itself. It is less intimidating, and more forgivable in mistakes are made during application, however it can be a little difficult at times getting that perfect winged out shape. That simply takes time and practice no matter what application you choose to use.


I order all like this product. You can find it at your local MAC store or online at maccosmetics.com Fluidline goes for $18.00 CND. Can`t really say how long it will last, but seems like it will be around for a while.

MAC has a variety of colors to choose from. I look forward to trying Waveline, Macroviolet, Siahi, & Blitz & Glitz.

Peace & Luv

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