July 26, 2012

OPI's The Amazing Spider Man Collection 2012

Earlier this month a new OPI collection launched for the new release of the movie, The Amazing Spider Man. The movie and collection both launched/opened earlier this month. The new OPI polish came out July 3/12.

I decided to get myself a mini polish box set, instead of full size bottles. I didn't know for sure if I would truly like the shades so I only needed sample sizes to review. Their are four mini polishes in the box set. I will (obviously) only be reviewing those 4 polishes.

For more pictures and full review follow the link below...

The Amazing Spider Man collection features 7 different polishes.
Into the Night: A metallic Blue Indigo
Call Me Gwen-Ever: Bright Orange
Your Web or Mine: Pearl dusty Pink
My Boyfriend Scales Walls: Slightly off White
Number One Nemesis: Light Grey polish with Gold & Silver sparkles
Just Spotted the Lizard: Green/Gold duo chrome polish
Shatter the Scales: Dark Green shatter polish

The four polishes I will be reviewing are Into The Night, Your Web or Mine, Number One Nemesis, & Just Spotted the Lizard.

Into the Night: A beautiful dark blue, metallic shade. First coat seems to be thin, and extremely light in color, but as you apply the second or third it's Indigo blue shines.

Your Web or Mine: A dusty Pink. A very girly color, that takes very little effort to apply. Great color right from the first coat. 

Number One Nemesis: A awesome smokey shade with gold & silver sparkles. This polish will need more then one coat in order to get the full shade of the nail polish. This polish is probably my second favourite in this set. Defiantly a polish I would wear during a night out.

Just Spotted the Lizard: I believe this is on of the coolest polishes from this collection. This is a awesome green/gold duo chrome that stands out. It applies thin with the first coat, but once you apply a second or third you can see the brilliant shade.

(I apologize for my poor lightening in these photos)

All polishes seemed to be decent in time to dry. All sample nails had 3 coats applied to them.

From the polishes that I have tried from The Amazing Spider Man collection I must say I am pleasantly surprised and impressed. I liked the featured shades more then I had expected, however they are not the usual color that would jump right out at me.

This collection can be found at your local beauty supply store like Trade Secrets or Chatters. Or at salons/retailers that carry OPI. I purchased this mini set for $14.95, however regular size bottles can be purchased for $10.00-$12.00 CND. 

Peace & Luv 

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