November 1, 2013

Halloween Make Ups 2013

This year I did a hand full of Halloween make ups. Sadly I did not get the opportunity to take pictures of all of them so I only have a couple to show. Some pictures are not of the best quality. :(

Can you guess who we were dressed as?


For more pictures & a basic make up breakdown follow the link below...

I personally did not do too much for Halloween this year. However I did have to dress up for work. So with some inspiration from my boss, I was put up to being Miley Cyrus (apparently the #1 costume for 2013?!) For the most part I found Miley wear more of a natural or classic make up look then anything dark and heavy. I decided to go with a basic red lip, neutral eyes with some black liner & mascara.


The follow two make up's I did on my sister (the red head) & her lovely friend Joy.

My sister was the female "sexy" version of the horror movie character Chucky.
For her make up she wanted to do a dark black smokey eye. We kept the rest of her face pretty simple, with a sexy red lip. I convinced her to let me apply some blood splatter across her face, neck, & torso. I also gave her a couple wounds on her arms and legs using some cream make up & blood.


Joy was a devil. Joy's make up was probably my favourite of this Halloween season. She gave me all creative freedom. I wanted her face to help portray the costume of the devil without taking away any sexiness or beauty. I decided to create a more runway fashion look, verses a character. To give it a little more detail and design I decided to do a fishnet type pattern on the sides of her face. The eyes were our main focus. We finished the look with a bold red lip.


I hope everyone had a devilishly sweet Halloween!! Can't wait for next year! :)

Peace & Luv

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