January 9, 2014

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Colored Pencils

Further expanding our ever-growing colour range, Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics presents 12 new pencil products: COSMETIC COLOUR PENCILS. The first wave of COSMETIC COLOUR PENCILS range from everyday essential neutrals (Trick, Pennyroyal, Sybil), compliments to best-selling Lip Tar shades (Anime, Black Dahlia, NSFW) and playful vivids (Pool Boy, Hoochie, Grandma). Launching with our clear, invisible liner ‘ANTI-FEATHERED’, this range of pencils will be the perfect compliment to Lip Tar. $16.00 each.


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As explained above OCC is coming out with a new collection and line of colored pencils. I, personally am super excited for these pencils. I am hoping they will be just as amazing as OCC other products.

They will be released on February 1st online at Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics & Sephora, or in-store at Sephora on February 18th. Pencils are priced at $16.00 each US.

Anti-Feathered: Clear, invisible liner
Trick: Warm, mid-tone beige
Pennyroyal: Roasted peach brown
Symbil: Midnight brown-out
Tarred: True black
Feathered: True white
Anime: Vibrant neon pink
NSFW: True, balanced red
Black Dahlia: Blackened red
Grandma: Clean, classic coral
Hoochie: Vibrant magenta
Pool Boy: Aquatic blue creme

***Trick, Anime, NSFW, Black Dahlia, Grandma, & Hoochie are lip & body safe.
All other shades are eye, lip, & body safe.

I am personally especially excited for Anti-Feathered, Trick, Tarred, Anime, NSFW, Black Dahlia, Hoochie, & Pool Boy. Basically all of them!! :/

Review coming soon!!

Peace & Luv

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