January 2, 2011

Bitch Slap!!

A couple months ago I was surfing around online, checking out some YouTube videos when I came across a girl who was doing a tutorial using a brand named Bitch Slap Cosmetics.  Being my obnoxious self the brand caught my attention. When I checked out the website I was happy to see there wide selection of color, in loose pigments but also in glosses, lip colors, liners, lashes, glitter, color wheels & more.

After visiting the site my purchase came in the mail. :D :D :D


I ordered myself 3 different color pigments.

(From left to right)

One Beat Bitch by Alex: A rich matte blue. Very pretty but harder to work with then the other two.

White Trash Bitch: A amazing shimmer white. Sparkles. Apply by pressing lightly to get the sparkled effect or blend in to get the pearly shimmer finish.

High Bitch: A nice mix between the both... just kidding. It a lighter getting closer to a sky blue. It has fine shimmer through out that looks stunning. I will say though I find I need to touch up these colors more often then some of my other makeup.

Here is one look I managed to take some pictures of while trying out my pigments for the first time.
(I apologise now... tis not the best Ive ever done.)

Over all was I impressed when the package came in the mail and I tried it out for the first time. I use White Trash Bitch almost every day. (I like I like that touch of sparkle in with the highlite along my brow bone.) I enjoy the pigments very much and look forward to finding more in my mail soon. :)

Check out Bitch Slap at http://www.bitchslap-cosmetics.com/

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