January 5, 2011

Christmas 2010 Look...

I know I’m behind on the time when I say I’m going to talk about my Christmas look for 2010. Yes I am aware it is a new year already but I never got the chance to do a blog in the time that I could have. Either way it’s only a week dif, big deal.

My Christmas look for this year went a little darker then I would usually go. I stuck with traditional red and green colors.

The red was a lot more vibriant before this picture was taken.
(This picture was taken sometime after I decided to write about the look.)
Sorry. :'(

Aside from my usual eye base, I smeared a fat green sparkly pencil by Nyx all over my
lid, as a base for my eye. This will help the green stick. After that I patted on Sugar Pill's Midori all over the lid. I then blended Sugar Pill’s Love+ up into the crease fading the Love+ more and more out the closer we got to the brow line. Next I took Sugar Pill’s Tako and used it for my inner eye as well as the highlight under my brow done. It also helps to fade out the tips of the red even better. I then lined my eyes with E.L.F.'s liquid Liner Pen in Midnight. I used a couple coats of Smash Box's mascara, and then layered one more coat of Disco Ball (sparkling mascara) from Hard Candy. There you have it!! Just add some purple lip stick and you’ve got yourself a darker Christmas Eve or really work in the red and have a holly jolly night!!

This is a pretty basic look that I know you’ll get compliments from. When you have the sparkling mascara on every time you open or close or move your eyes you can see all the glitter or as I was calling it, snow.  You can’t really see it that well in my pictures unfortunately, but most defiantly something I would tell people to look into. I will have blogs posted sometime for all these products, names, colors, ECT.

I hope everyone had an awesome Christmas and a very Happy New Year!! xoxo

Everything I used & where to get it…

E.L.F (Eyes, Lips, Face): http://www.eyeslipsface.com/ 

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  1. mmm... very nice. :)
    merry belated christmas!