January 7, 2011

Todays Look... Rockin Red.

First thing is first, there are sooo many photo’s for this look because I love this look. Many people don’t have a great red eye shadow, well I have found one!!! Sugar Pill, has a amazing red called Love +. I think there are few things cooler then having a lid rockin the red shadow.

As mentioned already the pressed powder I used is called Love+ by Sugar Pill. Previous to putting the red on, I put down a good lid base. If you don’t have a primer, simply use something that is sticky, perhaps a fat colored eye pencil (NYX) or your concealer.

Once you’ve applied your red your going to want to put a highlight on your brow bone and inner eye, using white. Make sure you blend the red and white together. The better blended it is the better end result.

Once you’ve done this use a very small brush and line your lower lid with the red pressed powder. I like to use a pencil liner under the eye before apply the color. I find it helps the shadow stick better and last longer.

I then simply lined my upper lid with my liner pen from E.L.F and then put on my mascara. It’s quite easy, only using one color. It’s fast to do right before work. You could do this with any color; just remember to really fade your lid color out. That is the whole trick to the look.

Check it out!!



  1. Looks great but consider using better front lighting. :)

  2. Thanks, thats something that I definatly need to do.