January 7, 2011

Blue Candy Dotz

I painted my nails last night this awesome new blue I got on Christmas Eve. This blue is like a deep dark blue, almost black in some lighting. Either way, the shade of blue I was looking for. My nails have been really boring for the past few months. Ive been trying to grow them and make them stronger with no such luck. Either way I wanted to mix it up a little without too much work.

This is what I came up with... (As usual I do apologize for my sh!t camera. Gettin a new one soon.)

I wont lie, next time around I would choose to use a smaller gem or maybe all one color. (I think I would like it more if they were all clear.)

I started with a base coat of clear strengthener on my natural nail. Then applied a coat of my new favorite nail color, Mr. Right (#041) by Hard Candy. After these coats dried I applied my clear coat and applied 2-3 gems on each nail. After this dried for a moment I applied two top coats to make sure the gems were locked in. Thats it!

You can pick up any of these items locally. I got my gems at the local craft store, my clear coat from Sally's Beauty Supply, and Hard Candy you can purchase at any Wal-Mart or drug store.

Very simple, very quick. The longest part is wait for the polish to dry. You can do this with any color, polish or gems. This is a look that works on long and tiny little finger nails like mine. (*hangs head* lol.)

Check it out Hard Candy @ http://www.hardcandy.com/ 

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