January 9, 2011

Today's Look... Oink! ;)

Today I woke up thinking of the colors Orange and Pink, one of my favourite color combos and wanted to do something really bright and funky. The two really play well off each other, and defently work on the color wheel, so I thought lets do it! This is defiantly a much brighter look but you could do the same with a lighter Pink and Orange.


I started with a primer for my lid. I then applied my bright I then apply my Orange (Flame Point) to the inner half of my lid and then bright pink (Dollipop) to the other half.  Both of the colors are by Sugar Pill.

As I have mentioned before in pervious blogs this is where the magic happens. You will need to take some sort of blending brush and work the color in the middle to be a nice smooth blend of the two. If you need to add a little more Orange or a little more Pink feel free.

After all the blending, comes a little more blending. Apply your brow highlight. I used old faithful, lol, Tako by Sugar Pill but you can use any lighter shade. I prefer a white for a more dramatic effect. You could use a softer more skin tone color if you like. Just make sure again to really blend out the edges. The softer it fades out the better and more seamless it looks.

I lined my bottom lash line in Avon's Glimmer Stick, shade Sugar Plum. I then took a thin brush and applied my Orange and Pink on top. I then lined my upper lash line with E.L.F pen liner in Plum. To top off my eyes I put on my Bionic Indigo mascara by Smash Box 

On my cheeks is MAC’s A Bite of Apple from there Venomous Villains collection.

For my lips I first applied a lip base. This helps the color last longer and makes your lips smoother. I then used one of Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics' (OCC) Lip Tars, Anime. (If you looks at the colors on the website, when they say neon pink the the description, it really is!! Love that!!) You only need a small amount of this stuff. It will last you a very long time. On top of the color to gloss it all up I used MAC’s Wick Ways Lip Glass, also from there Venomous Villains collection.

Voila! There you have it! A super bright, fun, party ready look!

Check out the products used…

I will be doing a review soon on OCC’s Lip Tars. Writing this journal has made me want to order another one. J


Hope you like, cant lie I sure do! Any questions or comments, drop me a line. :)

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