January 27, 2011

LÓreal Youth Code Update...

So I used the Youth Code about 10 mins ago and enjoyed it for the most part.

I started by taking off my makeup. I used LÓreal's Gentel Water-Proof Makeup Remover & Avon's Eye Makeup Remover Lotion. Then I washed my face with Dove's Face Cleanser for sensitve skin. Once this was done I began to use my new products....

First up was the Eye Cream. When I first applied the eye cream I like the cool feeling of the metal. The second I began to rub it in gently under my eye it began to burn. Now, I will say I do have sensitive eyes and the cornors of my eyes and under my eyes are probably the most sensitve spot. Sadly I may not be able to keep this cream up. Maybe it was just today. So for I havent seen any redness or irritation so thats a plus. :)
Box said: Skin is hydrated and smooth immediately. Wrinkles begin to appear reduced. I can't really say much for either. My skin didnt really feel smooth or hydrated. It felt like it was burning and stinging.

Next up was the Serum Intense Daily. I really liked the texture and feeling of the clear almost liquid-gel on my skin. Box said: Skin is hydrated and smooth immediately. I would have to say I agree. I loved the feeling. It did hydrate my skin, espically under my eyes. My skin did feel smooth and refreshed. The only negitive it I wish they would allow more to come out of the pump. I know they say you don't need that much but I feel diffrently.

Last would be the Day Lotion. Now usually if I had it I would have replaced this with the night cream, however since I dont have it any moisterizer is better then none. Box Said: Skin appears smoother and hydrated. Wrinkles begin to appear reduced. My skin definatly felt hydrated and refreshed. It was nice to have that second moister applied to my face. You skin really needs that. With winkle, I really can't say too much. I don't have a lot of deep wringles (being 21). Im sure in the long run it will prevent and fade any that may be there or former. The only negitive with this one once again is the pump to be honest, for the Serum it wasnt as bad. I't's more so for this one, the day lotion you need a larger amount, there for larger pump?? (i dunno)

Im quiet happy with what I purchased. I look forward to continuing with this until I see any reason to really not want to. Like I said I may have to discontinue use of the eye cream but I will dare on and give it another go.

Check it out...again!
LÓreal: http://www.lorealparis.com.au/skincare/face-care/youth-code.aspx

About 10 mins after writing this blog I noticed under my eyes had started to swell up, my eyes as the area I had used it in became red. I do not reccomend the eye cream for people with sensitive eyes. :(


  1. thanks for the post!
    I just purchased the serum since I love love love serums. I have not used it yet but I plan to use it in the morning at night. can't wait to try it.
    If I like it I will purchase the rest of the products.
    my under eyes are a bit sensitive too especially if I just washed my face.
    nice blog!! feel free to check out mine if you wish and keep in touch!


  2. Nice! I've been looking for a decent makeup remover, and have never used one before, so I'll have to take a look!

  3. Thank's guys! Im glad you both liked it. I love keeping in touch and will most def check out your blogs!! :)