January 28, 2011

Trip to Sally's Beauty Supply

Uh oh. Yes, I went there. I went to Sally's Beauty Supply today and hauled ass!! lol.

They had these great mystery good bags for $10.00. I grabbed one and when I got to the cash the girl had to told me to grab another one because they were trying to get rid of them. Siiick. $5.00 a bag, with a load of stuff. A couple of items like the tweezers, OPI Nail Envy duo, lip liners, nail decos and two polishes.

After taking this I realized I had another bag. lol

I was debating on buy more fake nails so I can paint and try out diffrent designs, and decieded not to because I thought I could get them cheaper. Good thing I didn't I got over 18 packages of fake nails in the mystery goodie bags today!! (Mind you, that was adding all the ones my sister got from her two bags. She wont use them.) Either way, tis craziness!

To be honest I didn't go through each item individually. I will roughly go over whats in the pile, but it will all have to wait for review until I get around to doing whatever it happens to be. Sorry. You can request a review if you see anything of interest. :)

Fave grabs of today?
-China Glaze Bahamian Escape: A bright baby blue.
-OPI She's Golden: A white pearl color from the Beyond Chic collection.
-All of my nails from OPI
-Nail Decos
-Health Sexy Hair Leave-In Treatment

If you have a Sally's around you. You may wanna check it out for these bags. The girl working there said they are sent in all sealed and everything.'

I would love to use some of the items show here as prizes for contests or give-a-ways. I need those followers to do so though, keep em coming. Spread the luv!! Thanks guys!

Sally's Beauty Supply: http://www.sallybeauty.com/

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  1. wow I need to go check out my Sally's I havent been there in a long time. I hope they have some here! thanks for the update