January 29, 2011

Lime Crime Review!

This review is looooooong over due. To be completely honest I wanted to get a couple more items before I did some sort of review on the product. Today however I am VERY happy to finally be doing my first review on Lime Crime.

Lime Crime is a whimsical cosmetic line that is growing in popularity and size. Created by Doe Deere, the Unicorn Queen herself, this line has a very girly, and almost what I would like to call light feeling. The whole product, representation, website and creator all remind me of some kind of fairy tale.


I love this.

Review, Pricing, & Swatches below....
I first discovered Lime Crime about a year ago, not even that long. The first thing I heard about was how awesome the variety of color was, and how amazing the magic dust eyeshadows and lipsticks were. I knew I had to check it out. Since then I have been a fan. I still only have a small collection of Lime Crime, but I can assure you it will continue to grow. J

Today I will be reviewing 4 of the magic dust eyeshadows; Siren (Burnt Red), Lime Criminal (Lime Green), Circus Girl (Yellow) and Empress (Purple) and 1 lipstick, Great Pink Planet.


Magic Dust Shadow (2g) $14.00 US
Lipstick: $16.00 US
(If you buy online shipping & handling may vary.)

Where to get it?
You can purchase it online at http://www.limecrimemakeup.com/ or Urban Outfitters, Makeup Emporium (CAN) or SpaceNK (US or UK).

Magic Dust Shadows:
One thing I had found to be very interesting about the shadows is that they are very consistent across the board, and when I talk about consistency I’m talking about the actual product itself such as the texture and how it applies itself to the eye. It’s really nice to know what you’re getting. Another cool thing about the magic dust shadows is they are all vegan and all products are creulty free! That’s always something to look for. Lime Crime from what I have found so far has that signature shimmer. Just the perfect amount of shimmer, and the way the light reflects off your color gives for a really nice effect. One thing I do find with these shadows is they tend to be really light, and if your looking for that bold, bright color you need to use some sort of sticky or thicker base. I found using my regular eye base wasn’t enough, I needed to use some sort of pencil or wet base to give a more brighter bolder appearance. In some sense I do like this because you really have the option of brightening it up or toning it down, depending on how you feel and what you want to do that day.

This is a burnt red. (In my opinion at least) I find it looks deceiving in pictures. Almost looks more like a deeper red. Either way the color really is lovely. It very warm, almost reminds me of warm flames. If you apply it and blend it out or just the edges it will turn a lighter orange color.


Lime Criminal: I quiet excited about finally getting the signature color. This is actually the main color in the Lime Crime look I’m going to be posting after this. I love how light and shimmery this green is. It’s not minty, but it’s not neon lime. As mentioned before if layered on top of some jumbo pencil or a darker green the color will pop more. I like it for inside corners of my eyes.


Circus Girl: This was the shade that made me want to put magic dusts to begin with. I remember watching a video on Youtube with this color featured in it and I promised myself that it would HAVE to be a part of my collection even if that was the only thing I bought. I love this color. Again it’s one of those where it not too bright, but bright enough to really get the sunshine effect. This is another great color for the inside corners of your eyes. This one is my FAVE. <3


Empress: This is a very pretty shade of purple. In the jar it almost looks slightly darker then it ends up being on the skin. I think this may be because of the shimmer you pick up in the light. This empress looks really nice in a smokey eye. Even if you don’t fade the purple into the black progressively, just apply a little Empress on top of the black and get the nice hue of violet.


Lime Crime lipsticks are something I like to rave about although I only own one. Why is this well, first off given there consistency with there products I would assume the other lipsticks will have the same cream smooth texture my Great Pink Planet does. As well I love the ‘what you see, is what you get’ factor. The color you see in the tube is the opaque color you will see on your lips regardless if its pink, red, orange or blue! That brings me right up to my next reason for loving the selection of colors. It’s a whole rainbow. You may just find your color here too!


Great Pink Planet: This lipstick is an awesome bumble gum pink. Truly. When you apply it truly has an amazing amount of color. It’s very easy to glide on, not messy at all. When it came to touch ups, like any other lipstick depending on what you are doing, i.e. eating, drinking, smoking, ect. depends on how long you color will really last. I found Lime Crimes to work out quiet well. I find it last quiet a while, and holds onto that great color without really fading. It’s there or its not. I like that. I can’t wait to rock more of these colors.


My next buy?
Magic Dust? Shoe Addict… I’m a sucker for a bright blue!
Lipstick? My Beautiful Rocket

I heart Lime Crime so much. It’s such a great line with more up and coming stuff. Next Doe Deere has created a brand new liquid liner. Sooo excited. Defiantly take the time to check this out. You will NOT regret it. Enter the Unicorn Land, and fly away!

(You need to check out Doe Deere's looks and tutorials. She is amazing.)

Check it out here… http://www.limecrimemakeup.com/



  1. never heard of this makeup.
    Oh I love the pink packaging!

  2. You NEED to check it out. lol. :)

  3. Hey, War Paint!

    Erica from Lime Crime Makeup here. Just popped in to say thank you for reviewing our products! We are so glad you liked everything and can't wait to see what looks you come up with! :)

    Thanks again,
    Lime Crime Makeup