January 26, 2011

LÓreal Youth Code

So today I FINALLY managed to get my hands on LÓreal's new Youth Code. It’s basically a line of face creams. Recently I promised myself I would start taking better care of my face because I am getting older and because I do wear a lot of makeup. Plus, you should just take care of your skin. You get one shot at it. Do it right. Either way I have decided to give Youth Code a try.


There are four different products in this line. I only managed to get the three out of four because of forgetting my debit card at home. :/ I will be getting the last one soon. J

Youth Code: LÓreal have come up with a line called Youth Code, a complete skincare routine that helps you regain the qualities of younger looking skin. It reduces signs of stress, fatigue and ageing.

Day & Night Cream: ($24.96* CA) Unfortunately due to the above I was unable to get this. I will be soon and will fill in the missing pieces. J

Day Lotion: ($24.96* CA) SPF30
Immediately: Skin is hydrated and smooth. Wrinkles begin to appear reduced.
1 Week: Signs of stress & fatigue are visibly diminished and skin looks rested.
Month: Lines and wrinkles appear visibly reduced.

Serum Intense Daily: ($24.96* CA)
Immediately: Skin is hydrated and smooth.
1 Week: Skin tone looks more luminous.
Month: Facial features look rested, signs of fatigue are reduced and skin appears younger.

Eye Cream: ($24.96* CA)
Immediately: Skin appears smoother and hydrated. Wrinkles begin to appear reduced.
1 Week: Signs of stress & fatigue are visibly diminished.
Month: Eye looks rested and more luminous. Dark circles and puffiness is visibly reduced.

(***Prices listed above may vary at different locations & at different stores.***)

Youth Code Challenge…!
Since each product box tells you what improvements you should see immediately, in a week, and in a month I shall post back and you know how my progress is moving, and if I still like the product or not.

To be completely honest I have checked out the packaging, looked at the product itself and have felt the texture but haven’t actually used it on my face. Later on tonight when I take my makeup off for the day I shall write my “Immediately” update for the ‘Challenge’. Lol. I’ll be able to give a better opinion on the actual product then. As far as the look of the product, it’s very clean and simple. The eye cream applicator has a metal tip. It gives the eye a cool buffing to diminish puffiness. Very cool. The Day Lotion and Serum Intense are pumps, which lock when you twist them. This feature is so perfect for traveling or on the go. Likin a lot!



(Once again I didnt have my carmera, sorry for the poor quality and lighting. D:)

I am extremely excited about trying this. I really hope I have found a facial cleansing routine that will work that I may actually stick too.

LÓreal (Youth Code): http://www.lorealparis.com.au/skincare/face-care/youth-code.aspx

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