January 26, 2011

Mac's Reflects (Teal) Review

A couple weeks ago I got a jar of Mac's Reflects in Teal sent to me.

I was NOT disappointed!! This stuff is awesome.

More info, pictures, & swatches below!

The sparkle in the jar itself is a pretty shimmering white. In the reflection of diffrent lighting and movement the other colors such as your teal, blue, light purple, and pink shine through. It truly is beautiful. What I like about the reflects is that its not chunky, its very smooth and light. There also is no fall out, it actually stays in its place. You really don't even notice your wearing it, when it come to feel or fall out and the color is beautiful.

(I apologise for some of the poor lighting. D:)

The product itself come in a typical mac jar. Clear with a black lid. The reason I am stressing the apperance is because if you purchase Mac online and not right from there store you need to be aware that there are many fakes or 'dupes' online. If you need to request the seller to post more pictures for you to have a better idea if its real or not, do it! If they want the sale they will. I usually only buy products that still have the box. There should be a stick on the top of the box stating the color or name, as well as a silver or clear sticker on the bottom of your jar with the same color or name. Make sure all of the make fine print is on the back of the jar and that everything looks like it is in good condition. I have never reccieved a fake, but that doesnt mean it wont, cant or doesnt happen.

I got my jar of reflects for $23.50 CA. You get 7.5g in a jar. That's quiet a lot, meaning it's worth the money.

I am exctied to try there other reflects colors such as pink, gold, silver, holographic (:D), plus many more. They are a lot of fun and great to wear alone or over a color. They will not disappoint. Pinky swear!


Reflects Teal alone
Reflects Teal on top of Afterparty (SugarPill)

 Give em a try...


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