January 25, 2011

Today's Look... Icy Blue

Sooooo cant lie I am in LOVE with my makeup today. (lol) I hate to some stuck up like that, I just really like it and would have if anyone had done it.

Since I used darker and warmer colors yesterday (Black & Red) I deiced to used lighter cooler colors today; Blue & White.


I started of with my eye primer, always my first step. Then applied my NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk on my lid to use as a base for the white. I also applied it under my eyebrow as a base for my highlight, and lastly on my waterline on my lower lash to open my eyes. (At this point I had to stop and laugh because you will look kinda scary. lol.) After this I applied Tako by Sugar Pill on top of the milk on my lid and as my highlight. Next I took Afterparty, also by Sugar Pill and applied it in my crease. I made sure to used small amounts and apply it lightly. The more you work it in the richer the color will get. I then took my Mac's Teal Reflects and applied it on top of the Afterparty and Tako on my lid. This give it a really nice sparkle as well as a 3D effect. Once basically done my upper lid I moved onto the bottom. I used my Glitter Stick in Blue by Avon to line my bottom last line. I then went over it using a thin lining brush in Afterparty to brighten the color. I added some Bulletproof to the out corners to give it more depth. Once this was done I applied my mascara of choice, and my eyes were complete.

On my lips I am wearing one of OCC's Lip Tars; Memento. (Freaking LOVE OCC!!)


Check these products out...
Nyx: http://www.nyxcosmetics.ca/
Sugar Pill: http://sugarpillcosmetics.com/
Mac Cosmetics: http://www.maccosmetics.com/
OCC: http://www.occmakeup.com/

***About a hour later my boyfriend, Evan informed my that I wasn't wearing and upper eyeliner again. I have NO CLUE why I have been forgetting to put it on for the past two days, but I have been. I just took Avon's Glitter Stick in Blue and made a nice line for my upper lid. The picture I took with it on shows the small but important difference, however, the photo was taken hours later so please forgive any need for makeup touch ups. :)***

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