January 20, 2011

Sugar Pill's Pressed Powders (All of em, the whole show!)

Alright ladies and jelly beans, this is a post I have been waiting for and slightly holding off on. (I knew I would really want to take my time with this one.) Today I am going to reviewing all of Sugar Pill's pressed powders. :D I am extremely excited about this because we all know how much of a Sugar Pill freak I am. I LOVE this line. It’s freaking awesome. The pigment quality is amazing; the colors are so bold and bright. Its everything a babe rainbow could ask for!!!

I have where to get it, pricing, and swatches below!!

(I will mention now, all the makeup you have seen in the pictures gets used almost every single day. I didn’t have new product to take picture of. I do apologise.)

In the entire collection there is 9 different colors. Love+ (Red), Flamepoint (Orange), Buttercupcake (Yellow), Midori (Green), Afterparty (Blue), Poison Plum (Purple), Dollipop (Pink), Tako (White) and Bulletproof (Black). I will review each color individually.

Singles: $12.00
Palettes of 4: $34.00
-Burning Heart: Love+, Flamepoint, Buttercupcake, & Poison Plum
-Sweet Heart: Dollipop, Afterparty, Midori, & Tako
-Cold Heart: Bulletproof, Afterparty, Tako, & Poison Plum
The smartest thing to do would be to buy two palettes and then just buy single the missing color.

Another handy thing about these are all the palettes and containers and magnetic so the pans pop right out. They are very easy to replace of move around. The first time you do it however there will be a little bit of adhesive you will need to warm off. You can check YouTube for video’s as to how to do this with your straight iron. (lol)

I would also like to mention quickly how cute the packagings for all of Sugar Pill’s products are. Each package comes with there signature pink tissue paper. The actual boxes for the makeup itself just get even better. So awesome. So beautiful.


---Something else I will also say before I begin the individual color review is that all these shadows are soooooooo easy to blend in, out, up or down. It’s sick. (Swatches will be at the bottom of the page.)


(Some of the photo's of the individual colors I couldn't get into focus properly. :/ )

Love+ (Red):  Finding a kiss ass red is so hard…well… to find. The red’s you find either are true reds, irritate your eyes, or your paying a arm and a leg for it. Once you’ve found Love+ you will never look back. This red has full coverage, another words tons of pigment. It truly is red.

Flamepoint (Orange): When I received Flamepoint I was extremely excited because every orange I had or managed to get my hands on always ended up being some kind of burnt orange, or just not true or bright enough for me. Flamepoint is Orange, there really isn’t a better way to look at it. Its that orange for your Halloween themed look that you’ve been looking for.

Buttercupcake (Yellow): This is one of the colors I found running out first. This yellow is a pure sunshine yellow that lets all the color through. Unlike most yellows this shade does not fade off easily, or turn into that baby yellow by the end of the day. It stays to its true form. If I could give this yellow a nickname it would be bumble bee cuz that’s what it reminds me of.

Midori (Green): I have something to confess… I really don’t use Midori as much as I should. It truly is a beautiful green. The shadow isn’t too dark or too light. It has a nice balance. This shade looks great with many color combos. I do however find this shade harder to blend in.

Afterparty (Blue): This blue is almost a perfect looking blue. Well in my opinion. I absolutely love the shade. I will admit I though it was going to be slightly lighter. Maybe more of a baby blue. Also I don’t know if it is just me or but I found this color to be the hardest to blend out of all.

Poison Plum (Purple): This was the very first color I had ever ordered. I was very very excited about Poison Plum because I had heard so many GREAT things about it. Everyone was saying “This is my favourite purple.” I love the shade and the deepness of Poison Plum. It truly is a beautiful purple. I sadly however found it to be defiantly not the hardest, but one of the more difficult ones to blend out and apply. This being said it is a darker color, so this is expected.

Dollipop (Pink): Actually color wise thought out the press powder Dollipop owns my heart. This is a BRIGHT pink! A bright pink that you don’t have to layer on. I find very little goes a long way with this shade. Highly pigmented. One of the best pinks I have ever seen, and there’s quiet a few out there.

Tako (White): First thing I must say is I have used Tako every day I have worn makeup this past year and a half. I’m wearing it right now. lol. The best way to describe this colour is as plain white. Ghost… bright maybe, white. I love it because it actually shows up as a white and a light shimmer. I find most pressed matte whites don’t work as well as they should. This one rocks ass!!

Bulletproof (Black): Bulletproof is the matte black I have been looking for. There is no fall out, it is not over powering, very easy to layer. I would recommend this for ANY smokey eye, just because of how easy it is to blend. One thing that is really nice about this black (this whole line really) is although you don’t need to pack it on if you are layering the colors, or really want the solid look it’s very easy to achieve and not messy!

Altogether I find these colors to be quiet matte. In a couple there is a hint of shimmer when you look at the shade in the pan, however I find once it is one your face, there is little to none. These shadows are not chalky, and really don’t have much fall out at all. However you do not need to pack on this color, it will apply smoothly and effortlessly. If I had to describe the texture of the shadow itself I would say very smooth, almost velvety.


Love+, Flamepoint, & Buttercupcake

Midori, Afterparty, & Poison Plum

Dollipop, Bulletproof, & Tako
To really see how great these colors are you need to see it for yourself. I would HIGHLY recommend heading over to the website and trying on of there colors. You won’t regret it.

Review to come?
Sugar Pill also has there loose powder eye shadows that I will be reviewing soon. So far I only have two of the however many colors. I’m workin on it. J

What I would like to see come out next at Sugar Pill?
EVERYTHING!! (lol) Some liners would be cool, or even blush I think. If you have something you wish they would come out with, leave a comment below!

Either way Sugar Pill rocks so much. I looove it and know you will love it too!

Check it out! You can purchase everything here:  http://www.sugarpillshop.com/   <3 <3 <3


  1. I love Sugarpill as well! It's awesome how I've never seen a complaint about Sugarpill :D

  2. I love love love their presed shadows, I'm definitely a pressed/matte shadow kinda girl. ;3

    Blush would be awesome! Maybe some lipcolors too! And more pressed shades, not that they need them but it would just be awesome anyway. I would love more colors <33

  3. I wanna see some blush colors fo sho. :)