January 19, 2011

Today's Look... Black & White

My black and white look was inspired by watching some black and white films on TV. I used a couple different products for this look.

I started off with a base for my eye. What ever you like best will work. I then applied NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk. I blended this into my lid with my finger. On top of that I applied Tako by Sugar Pill. Remember to try and keep the white only on the lid of your eye. After this take a small blending brush and blend your Bulletproof gently into the crease. Using milk again I lightly line under my brow and blend it in using my finger. This is so my highlight shows up brighter. I then apply Tako on top, right under the brow bone. After this I take a fluffy blending brush and make sure the black is blended into the white very nicely. You may need to add a little whiter to blend it out smoothly. If in the end you find the white on your lid has faded out a bit or the black has reached down too far simply apply more Tako on top to touch and brighten it up. After applying all of your shadow you’re going to want to apply your bottom liner and your liquid lighter on your top lid. I used my E.L.F liquid pen in Black. I then applied my mascara and blush (A Bite of Apple by MAC).

It’s a very simple and basic look but I think the black on white is very bold and looks cool on the lid, however when the lid is open it looks pretty basic and not too crazy.

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Easy, but fun. Kinda classic. I like it, hope you do too!

Peace&Luv xo


  1. Very beautiful! I love black and white films :)