January 18, 2011

Hard Candy Haulin...

Not too long ago I discovered a brand called Hard Candy. Since then I have been extremly interested and have been growing my own little collection. So far I have 3 of there awesome nail polishes. Mr. Right (041), Splendid (047), and Break Up (051). I grabbed there Shimmer Body Spray in Tourmaline (169), Loose Glitter in Boradway (004), Cream Eye Shadow in Queenie, and Lash Tinsel in Disco Ball.

I have managed to try everything at least once. This is what I think so far...

Nail Polishes: (Mr Right, Splendid, & Break Up): $5.00
So far amazing. These have probably been my favorite thing I have gotten out of everything. I really really like them and would love to collect all of the polishes. Plus they each come with super kawaii rings. :) You dont need many coats to see the true shade of the color. You really only need 2 coats.


Shimmer Body Spary (Tourmaline): $7.00
I was really excited about finding a really nice look spray instead of using a shimmer cream. I was disappointed though when I really could change the spray on it. It jet streams and is hard to mist over the skin. Im still trying to fix it. Maybe it's just me. However I was happy that there was no horrible scent attached to the spray.


Loose Glitter (Broadway): $5.00
When I first opened the packaging I wasnt a big fan. The lid has a built in brush which is alway kind of a downer. However the glitter inside is really really nice. I was surprised. It a nice mix of all colors, the main colors are orange, purple, and green. Really nice mix. Looks awesome on top of black.


Cream Eye Shadow (Queenie): $6.00
I like the purple glitter and dont mind the feeling of it on my face, however it's kind of like NYX Glitter Palette's, you need to dab them on to get nice coverage. It won't cover one soild area.


Lash Tinsel (Disco Ball): $5.00
I have used this on top of my normal mascara quiet a few times. In the sparkles get into your eyes it can be quiet irritating as Im sure you would imagine. Be careful. Dont expect to get soild glitter lashes with this either, this is just for a bit of sparkle. If that's what your looking for it's pretty good.


Another I really like about this brand is there pricing. They are relitivly cheap compared to some of the prices we are paying. This is a line that stands in the shadows but is soon coming out into the light. (All my prices shown are rounded up. Also may vary at diffrent stores.)

You can pick Hard Candy up at your local Wal-Mart or drug store.

Check Hard Candy out at http://www.hardcandy.com/


  1. You should try Hard Candy's Curl Up and Dye mascara. They make mascara to die for.

  2. Really?? I will have to check that out then too. Im really liking there stuff. I find everytime I go to Walmart I pickin up one or two things.

  3. Are you wearing a USS tee in your display pic?? Freakin awesome man! Loove them!