January 4, 2011

UV Contact Lenses (Neon Yellow)

Kryolan UV Palette

Sooo I know Halloween was a couple of months ago but I got the raddest contact lenses that I must share!! These are my favourites out of any other pair I have ever owned.

If you knew me, you would know that I am a UV, glow in the dark freak!! I’ve got the big black light, the glow-in-the-dark nail polish, UV lip gloss, Kryolan UV palette (a blog soon to come), the accessories, the sticks, stars hangin from my ceiling…. and finally neon yellow contacts!! I love them and I think you will too!

Where to buy them?
I got mine at my local Party Packagers. I’m sure you could find a set at a local party store, if not all year, most defiantly during the Halloween season. There are also a lot of places online you can choose from. I’ve listed some site at the bottom of the page. Mine cost me about $60, but I’ve seen them at most party stores up to $80. (If you truly plan on using them, DO IT!!)

How long do they last?
One thing you should defiantly look out for are expiry dates. The ones I snagged expire in a year, so when next October comes around, you best believe my butt will be back at the party store buying more. Most of the ones I have seen online expire 3 months from when you open them. I have found from experience if you take care of them properly they can last a extra couple of weeks. (Remember this is at your own risk.) Check on the box as well as what is posted on the site for the expiry. If there isn’t one there I would question what you are buying. 

How do you store them?
When you get the contact lenses they are usually in tiny jars, or plastic packets. Both will have solution inside of them to keep the contacts moist and clean. When you buy lenses you will also want to buy a solution, as well as a lenses case. Both of which you can find at your local drug store.

Are they hard to put in?
If you’ve put in contacts, or wear them regularly then really it’s all the same taking them in and out. If you’re new to it, it may take some time to get used to the feeling and being able to stick something in and out of your eye. Make sure you wash your hands. It is best to hold your eye lid apart between two fingers and place the contact in by placing it on the tip of your middle finger, and gently placing it on your eye ball. (I hope you can kind of get a idea. I’m sorry it’s not the best description.)

Are they hard to wear?
No. You will notice a slight glow of whatever color you get them. Not all over your eye but around the edges of your vision. I got used to them over time. Quiet quickly too. If you contact lenses make your eye feel like there is something stuck in it you may have something on the lens or may have it flipped inside out.

When I first saw the contact lenses glowing under the black light I was so excited. They were super bright and exactly what I had hoped for. In regular lighting they are a pale yellow, in UV (blacklight) bight neon yellow. I really don’t mind the color either way I am wearing them.

These contact lenses are so much fun. I get comments on them every time I have worn them. Mothers have hid there children from me. (Lol, it was Halloween.) Some of the reactions you get are hilarious. All together I think there are a lot of good fun, a great conversation piece, and just super rad all together. :D

Me- Halloween 2010
You have to check them out. Even if you’re not planning to grab a pair I know you’re curious… ;)

You can find them online at...

The Body Jewellery Shop- http://www.bodyjewelleryshop.com/
Bright Eyes- http://www.eyesbright.com/
You Know It- http://www.youknowit.com/
Eye Love It- http://www.eyeloveit.com/

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