January 12, 2011

When Mars Crashes into the Sun...

This look was inspired by the only two colors I had in my makeup bag at the time. lol.

I wanted to post another look for today, but only had limited products here. This is what I managed to come up with.

Before I begin and post any pictures, I would like to apologize for my bush-man eyebrows. :/ lol. I am well aware of how bad they are. :)


I started as usual with my primer. I then applied Goldilux one of Sugar Pill's loose eye shadows. I applied Goldilux on my lid being careful not to get too much of it in the crease. I then applied MAC's pigment Brash & Bold into the crease. After blending the two together seamlessly, I then reapplied Goldilux back onto my lid to make it stand out more.

 After I applied my Tako by Sugar Pill right under brow for my highlight. Make sure to blend the Tako into the Brash & Bold. Once this is done line my bottom lash line with Plum Glitter Stick by Avon. I do this to help the loose pigment Ill be putting on top stay in place. I apply Goldilux on my inner lower lash line and Brash & Bold on my outer lower lash line. On my upper lash line I apply E.L.F's Midnight Liquid Liner. For my lashes I used Smash Box's Bionic Mascara. For blush I used MAC's A Bite of Apple, and there Wicked Ways Lip Glass on my lips.

This look reminds me of Mars Crashing into the Sun, Iron Man, Fire, Harry Potter, the list goes on. lol. I must say this is one of my favorite ones reccently. I highly recomend Goldilux. I used it dry but it is also amazing wet.


Find it online...

E.L.F (Eyes, Lips Face): http://www.eyeslipsface.com/



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