February 2, 2011

Avon: Mineral Eye Shadow & Lip Stick

My boyfriend's mom shares the same love for makeup as I do. She is a Avon rep and always manages to get me all my Avon goodies. :) I'm lucky I guess. :)

For Christmas she had bought me a lipstick that only works off and on. (lol) I say this because sometimes the lipstick wants to twist out of the tube and sometimes it doesn't. So Angie was nice enough to order me another one. Recently she had also heard I was looking at a mineral color in this months catalogue, which I got as well.

The mineral eyeshadow is named Pixie Dust and the lipstick is Pink Berry.

Pictures, swatches, and info avaliable below...

The mineral shadow is called Pixie Dust. I love the name for this color, although I probably would have named it something else. It just doesn't remind me of pixie dust. The powder is a very light blue, almost baby blue. It is very sheen. Give a shimmering look. This color is not over the top at all. I was slightly disappointed when I saw how lightly pigmented it was. To really see the blue you need to pack it on. I did lighten up however when I saw how nice it would work as a highlight color, or for a more natural look. I like it, it just wasn't what I was expecting.



Color Layered On
Light Shimmer

The lipstick is called Pink Berry. Pink Berry is a really pretty almost raspberry color. Its a purple-pink, with a line shimmer. I think it is very pretty. The texture is extremely smooth and soft. It makes your lips feel nice. The color is very workable with most other eye combos. You can darken it by using a dark lip liner or can lighten it using a lighter liner or no liner at all!


Angle #1
Angle #2
Angle #3
Both of these colors are very pretty. I continue to use the word pretty because they are both very girly colors. They are not harsh or bold by any means. To be completely honest I really don't expect any of Avon's colors to be harsh or extremely bright. They are more so made for the natural tones, and aren't usually highly pigmented.

I will be posting a look for these two products tomorrow... well, er... later on today. :)

I will be reviewing more Avon products soon. Products such as lipstick, eyeshadow palettes, nail polish and eyeliners. I got a whole bunch for Christmas from Ev's parents. <3

Check it out... http://www.ca.avon.com/PRSuite/home_page.page

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