February 1, 2011

Today's Look... Sunset Blvd

Hey guys, today I wanted to show you something that is bright and easy. I like to call it Sunset Blvd. This is a look that actually takes a lot less effort then it looks. (Can’t lie, I actually did this look two days in a row, the first day looked better but sadly I got no photos. :(

Here it is...

For this look I started off by putting a base on my eyes. (If you notice I always do my eyes first and then any of the actual face makeup. I do this because if there is ever any fall out or a mistake is made you can simply wipe it off and not worry about re-doing your whole face.) After using my Nyx jumbo pencil in Milk I apply my base highlight. I applied the pencil right under my brows, blending it in with my finger. I also apply it on my lower waterline. I apply the Milk to the waterline because the white really help make your eyes open up more and pop. After all my bases are done I begin to apply Sugar Pill's Dollipop all over my lid. Once this is done I take a small stiffer blending brush and go along the edges of the Dollipop, basically just softening the edges. Once this is done I then apply my Buttercupcake, also by Sugar Pill. I apply the Buttercupcake using a fluffier blending brush. Make sure to add it right along the edges. I like the put half of my amount above the Dollipop and then other half below or actually blended into the Dollipop. (When you see pictures you will no what I mean.) Once you applied this you will realize that you now have Pink, Yellow, and Orange on your eyes. Because we used the yellow on the pink it creates a really nice orange that will make the whole look seamless. It reminds me of a sun set. <3 yesterday when I rocked this look I had used slightly more Buttercupcake and didn’t have the Dollipop as high up on my eye, so the yellow showed more. You can play around with it and see what you like the best. After, I applied my highlight color, Tako, right under my brow bone, right where I had placed my Nyx Milk earlier. Once all my shadows are applied I used Avon's Glimmer Stick in Emerald Glow and lined my upper lash line and to line my lower lash line very lightly. Then I took Poison Plum, also by Sugar Pill and a thin liner brush and lined my lower lash line. Next I applied my mascara. Today I used my Gosh lengthening mascara in Blue. Once this is done your eyes are complete. :)
(I really wish I had taken a picture of my makeup yesterday, there was a lot more yellow at the top. I should have started blending lower down creating the orange and leaving more room for the yellow.)

For your face you’re first going to want to apply a base. I used the Velvet Touch by Gosh, but anyone will do. Then apply any concealer, and your foundation. Next apply your highlight. I like to use E.L.F's highlighting palette. It comes with four cream colors. I use the pink on my cheeks and the white on my nose, forehead, chin, and just above my lip. Make sure to blend everything in using your finger or a brush. Next you can apply any powders. I like to use Mac's Cooling Powder from there Venomous Villain’s collection. (This has to be my fave collection from Mac.) After all this is done I apply my blush. My go to blush recently has been A Bite of Apple by Mac. (Also from there Villains collection.) I apply this right to the apples of my cheeks (Smiling while applying this can help to really make your apples stand out.) and also lightly bring it up my jaw line as well as lightly on my nose.

Last, but most certainly not least, the lips. Begin by making sure your lips are nice and soft. When you first begin to apply your makeup put a little lip balm on to ensure your lips are nice and soft. Then apply your lip base. (My eye base is a duo. You can use it for eyes and lips. I would 100% recommend using a lip base.) After this is applied you’re going to want to apply your lip liners. I used two. J First I put on Nudist, a brownie-plum color. I lined my lips and lightly filled them in. Then applied Petal to the Metal, a purple-pink color. (I’d say more so to the pink side) I also lined my lips and filled them in with this color. When I lined my lips I made sure not to go right over the Nudist line, almost slightly inward. I did this because I like the faded out, glowing line around my lips, it makes them pop. Once you begin to fill them in your will see the darker plum shade it creates. After this I took Pink Berry by Avon and applied it on top. This gives it a sheen sparkle, and really make the lips look nice, smooth, and juicy. J

That basically tops off today’s look the Sunset look. If you’re interested in checking out any of the products above, I’ve got all the links below. ;)

Stay colourful! Have a wicked awesome day!


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