February 23, 2011

Dark Heart Design Samples

About a week and bit ago I received a lovely package in the mail from Tina from Dark Heart Designs. It was a whole bunch of samples I had ordered. I got myself a sample of every color they had. That's over 40 different colors!! Unfortunately I wasn't able to review every color. I intend on trying every color, and may end up reviewing them all, however to do a decent review and in a decent amount of time, I just couldn't do it. :(



Either way, I have many good things to say about these amazing colors and more needed information below. You can also check out more pictures of the aray of looks I have created.

I found Dark Heart Design through Blogspot & Etsy. Tina sell her homemade cosmetics from her shop on Etsy.com. http://www.etsy.com/shop/darkheartdesign

Not only does she sell loose shadows but also lip glosses and gift sets. Sadly I have not tired any lip gloss but am sure I will soon. :) I got a my sample pack for only $10.00 (US). This is a awesome deal. As I always say it is a great option to have samples, and its a great idea to try samples before you dive right into a new product. People also need to remember that these are not one time use samples. Although it may not seem like a lot. In the baggies you get, you have up to two or three applications. Of course this is just awesome!

First impression: Yay! Color!!! Sometimes when you see picture of colors online, they can sometime, not really look anything close to the real thing or just off enough for you not to like it anymore. Luckily these colors, where just a bright and vibrant as they are shown online. They have a large selection, with a variety of colors.

One I began to actually use the colors I was extremely happy to see the great color seen in the baggies transferred well onto your eyes. Most colors held it's pigment well, and was long lasting. I really didn't have many problems with it creasing or fading off of my eye. (There were a couple darker shades I found hard to really get good coverage on my eye, however in the end with a matte color under neither the shimmering shadow looked great on top.)

The formula itself is really nice. There is no harsh feeling left on the eyes. These colors apply very smooth, and leave a beautiful shimmer finish. I also found, even with the more red pigmented colors they never stained my lid.

To actually buy a pigment your looking at a whopping $6.00, for  1 gram of pigment. Affordable prices, for great product. I personally look forward to ordering quiet a few colors.

I wasn't disappointed at all. I would recommend this product to someone who is into more under ground, new up & coming cosmetic lines. Great grab! Check it out Dark Heart Designs on Etsy.com.

Below are some pictures of different looks I have created using these colors. Some of the looks have other colors from different products added in, but for the most part Dark Heart is the star.

Where the Sky Meets Ground...



Peachy Keen...



Purple Haze...



War Paint...






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