February 4, 2011

LÓreal Youth Code Update... Pt. 2

About a week ago I had posted a blog about LÓreal's Youth Code. All the boxes gave you expected results in a certain amount of time. I promissed I would update and here I am! :)

So it's been 7 days since I began using LÓreal's Youth Code and I shall say I'm lovin it...well most of what I have. :) I was really excited about everything I had. I had been looking forward to using Youth Code since I found out it was coming out.

Product review below...

First up is the Eye Cream. Unfortunatly I didnt have very good results with the eye cream because I really didnt use it. When I used it on the first day it really stung underneithe my eyes. I did admit that this could have been because my eyes are very sensitve and my eye had already been irriated. I used it again the next day and found the same results. I few days later I tried it again, using a very tiny amount and NOT appling it stright from the bottle. This time it felt much better, definatly did not sting as much. After that I really did'n't use it. Really it was only a couple of days ago. Will I try it again, if it's better, repeatedly? Yes. I have it. Why not? It really didnt cause much redness or irritation just the initial sting.

Next would be the Serum Intense Daily. I LOVE THIS! It feel sooo good going on, and makes your face feel so fresh. It's nice and cool going on, and then sinks into your skin with that NON-greasy feeling. :) Gotta love it. In 1 Week Box Said: Skin tone looks more luminous. Would I say my skin looks more luminous? I would have to say yes. Maybe it's because Im finding my skin to be more clear and refinded, but yes, there is some kind of brighter glow. Im very happy with this product.

Last would have to be the Day Lotion. The day lotion is very nice for a lotion. Is it something I would rant about, its good, but not amazing. Can't lie I have had better lotions. Please don't get me wrong I will continue to use it and have no problems with it, aside from the fact the pump doesn't pump enough out. I find it makes my skin feel very smooth, without leaving any kind of greasy feeling. In 1 Week Box Said: Signs of stress & fatigue are visibly diminished and skin looks rested. Do I look rested? I would say probably not. (Ive been having some trouble sleeping.) I will say my pores do look smaller and again my face has become more clear. One thing I will say I believe is because of the mositerizer is how soft my skin is. My skin is very soft, and doesnt feel dry through out the day. I also love the fact that it's SPF 30. That's really important to look for in a face lotion. You may not realize it but even in the winter the sun is effecting our skin, espically your face.

I am still extremly excited to try out the Night Cream. I will be getting it sometime next week. I have heard many people rave about it, and wanna know what all the nosie is about. For now I have been substatuing the Night Cream with the Day Lotion. I can't wait to switch over to a proper night cream. My face will feel that much better going to bed without all the SPF and day creams. :)

My next update will be in a month and then done! I still suggest you check these items out. It's worth your while. You can find many other reviews online if you are interested.

LÓreal Youth Code Review

Check it out:
LÓreal: http://www.lorealparis.com.au/skincare/face-care/youth-code.aspx


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