February 10, 2011

MAC's Wonder Woman Review!



Today was a very EXCITING day because today I received the Mac Wonder Woman products I had ordered. :D I must say I was impressed and quiet happy with everything. I was really excited to do this blog so I had taken pictures and swatches right away. (lol)
Below I have tons of pictures and descriptions of everything I got, as well as a Wonder Woman themed look to follow in the next blog… Today’s Look.

Keep reading for more Wonder Woman love!

I got the Wonder Woman Red makeup bag, Blue Marine pigment, Opulash (Army of Amazons & Themyscira), Lipglass (Athena’s Kiss & Emancipation), and Spitfire Lipstick. I wish I could have grabbed more, and I’m sure I will eventually but this girl is on a budget. Sorry kids. :P

Wonder Woman Red Makeup Bag: $36.00
I really love this bag. It fits all my usual cosmetics perfectly. I LOVE the blue and white star interior and the shiny red on the outside. This bag defiantly kicks ass. Only down fall, I though it would be bigger for the amount of money you pay for it.
Marine Blue Pigment: $25.00
This is a really nice Marine blue... just as it says. (lol) Its a darker shade. It feels like velvet, and is a matte shade. I manged to use it today in my WW look. It applies and blends out very easily like most mac pigments. Im happy I bought this color instead of the pink. I personally have too many pinks... well for now.



Army of Amazons Mascara: $18.00
To be completely honest I haven’t actually tired this product out. The color in the tube looks really vibrant, which is always a good sign. I’m happy with the color that I have seen in my swatches.

Themyscira Mascara: $18.00
I managed to try out this mascara today and LOVED it. I’m really big fan of blue mascara and this one truly is blue. I don’t consider a mascara a certain color unless I can actually see that color on my lashes. This blue I can! It applies really easily, not clumpy at all. It evens out and lengthens your lashes.



Athena’s Kiss Lipglass: $24.00
This was one of the first items I wanted off the Wonder Woman list. With that said it is a color that has been thrown around a lot these past couple seasons. It just gets renamed, sometimes not even. (lol) This color is a really vibrant pinky-purple. I choose to buy this color because I don’t have another one like it. If you already have this color from another collection under a different name, there is no point in re-buying it.

Emancipation Lipglass: $24.00
I had never planned on buying two lipglasses but this color was sooo pretty I had to have it. It a neutral tone, a pinky-beige. Looks extremely pretty on lips. Very light, and great for a natural look. Both lipglasses have great pigment.


Natural Light

Artifical Light

*One really cool thing about the lipglasses is that they seem to be jumbo sized. They are slightly bigger then they usually are which is really nice for the jacked up price you’re paying. However I have found that it is quiet difficult to pull the applicator out of the top. This will work itself in with more use I’m sure.)

Spit Fire Lipstick: $18.50
This lipstick is the match to my Athena’s Kiss lipglass. It is a rich pinky-purple color. It’s a very smooth lipstick with a satin finish. I sadly have not had the chance to try it out but look forward to doing so soon.


Natural Light

Artifical Light
The packaging for this product is soooo awesome. One of the best I have seen come from Mac in a while. There are outside shells for all the boxes, if you put the boxes together it creates one big comic picture. The actual boxes themselves are a bright red, and the inside of the box is that awesome blue with white stars. Of course as you can see the makeup it self is in the color them of Wonder Woman along with the added red stars here and there. I LOVE the packaging for this line. Awesome-rad!

Pricing: I don’t even want to get into it. It’s Mac. You hate the pricing, but love the product, common problem. (lol) Can’t lie there pricing for something’s really isn’t that bad, and in the end the product is usually worth it. J

Over all I’m really happy with everything. I’m super stoked it finally came in and I can finally play with it. I highly suggest everyone check it out, especially if you are a Wonder Woman fan or comic fan in general. Happy shopping everyone!

You can check out or order the line on http://www.maccosmetics.com/

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