February 9, 2011

Scaredy Cat Update: Dysphoria & Insomnia

Today has been a busy makeup day for me and I thought I would finish it all off with using my last two Scaredy Cat Samples. These ones are called Dysphoria and Insomnia. Dysphoria is a pretty blue, while Insomnia is a shade of pink.

Here is what I managed to come up with...


More pictures and review below...

My first impression of the colors were very good. They seem very pigmented and very sparkly. Unfortunately I did have problems with one out of the two colors. First up in Dysphoria. This is the pretty blue. When I first began to apply it to my eye it looked awesome but as I filled in the rest of my lid, it became patchy. There was also a LOT of fall out, sometimes that happens but this was coming right off my eye. In the end I ended up added Sugar Pill's Afterparty in the crease and around my lid, as well as there loose pigment Royal Sugar. The second sample I had was called Insomnia. This was a lovely pink. I actually really enjoyed this color. It was a shimmery pink melon color. I will say I didn't use it all over my lid. I only lined my lower lash line. I do look forward to using it again to see how it applies all over my lid.

I have found something I guess I would call a trend among these samples. Please remember it could have just been me but I found any of the warmer tones (pinks, & peaches) I really liked, however the cooler tones (blues & purples) I did not like as much. I'm really happy I got a sample pack first. I defiantly recommend grabbing a sample pack if available.


You can check Scaredy Cat Cosmetics on Etsy.

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