February 24, 2011

Nails... Purple Hearts, Short & Dark

A couple days ago I came up with a quick and easy nail look anyone can do. :)

I started by applying a base coast to my nails. Any clear, or strengthening nail polish will do. Make sure to let all layer dry between coats. This way there is less chance of your nails smudging or getting messed up. Next I applied Flying Dragon (Neon) by China Glaze to my nails. I applied 2 coats to make sure I had a solid color.

I really love Flying Dragon because its a purple polish with these awesome blue sparkles. It also very quickly, as well as matte. So that means if you had a matte top coat, this color be applied with a shine, or as a flat matte. I plan on trying that very soon.

Once the two coats died I then applied my heart sticks. I got mine from Sally's Beauty Supply. There come in a packet on a tiny sheet of sticker paper. The heart stickers come in a couple colors. I used gold, pink, purple, and red. The last step was to apply a couple top coats to seal everything in. I like to use a really glossy top coat for that extra shine. For my base and top coat I like to use OPI's Nail Envy.


This is a super easy, no skill needed look. Just the way I like it. ;) You can also switch out the color for anything you want. It also looks great on short or long nails.

I hope you enjoy this simple look. Happy painting!

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