February 5, 2011

Scaredy Cat Samples!!

I was searching around on Etsy a couple of weeks ago for a new makeup brand. Something not so new, but with some real color, maybe something unique. I searched around and found a brand call Scaredy Cat. Right away I saw there wide variety of colors, and pretty the all looked. Plus the packaging which had a edgy feel and was quiet unique. It defiantly caught my eye. :)

When I was searching through the store I found they had sample packs for sale. If you if a new brand you've never tried before, a sample pack option is always a good idea. It give you the opportunity to try a bit of the product out for a cheap price. If you don't like it or react badly to it, you didn't really spend that much. :) I highly suggest it to sellers and buyers. Scaredy Cat has a great sample pack deal. They give you 5 of these tiny cute vials filled with there loose eyeshadow for $5.00! You can also grab 10 vials for $10.00. (Which I will say I have just done. I did the swatches for the 5 colors I purchase and decided to go back online and order 10 more to try out. lol.)

The five colors I got are...
Insomnia: A deep pink. Seems to go on quiet dark but blends into a blushing rose pink.
Love Stinks: A peachy color. Baby pink with a hint of orange.
Dysphoria: A bright teal blue, with tiny blue sparkle.
Chakra: A blue-purple, with tiny pink, purple & blue sparkles.
Peacock Blood: A burnt burgundy with tiny burgundy sparkles.


First I want to say I LOVE the tiny little vials they come in. Don't worry when they are sent to you the vials are also place in individual little baggies.When I first opened the vials to do the swatches I simply rubbed whatever was on the vial stopper onto my hand first and was surprised to see how much color I got with such a tiny amount. I only had to add a small amount of the product to get great color, and good coverage. :) That is always a plus! I found all the colors to be very rich and beautiful. I liked all the colors I received and wasn't close to disappointed with a "ugly" color. For the colors that do have the added sparkle, they are the perfect amount, as well as the perfect size. They are very small and give just a flicker of light. They are absolutely lovely! :)

I also want to make a point of saying again, how amazingly rad the packaging for these products. I don't have any first had, but from pictures from there shop I defiantly want some!! So awesome, so different, and that's what I look for!

Im very excited to actually try it with the rest of my makeup. I will be testing it out tomorrow morning. No worries I will be doing a post to show the colors on the face. ;D

If you want to check out Scaredy Cat Cosmetics go to there Etsy shop...

I really hope everyone goes and checks them out. They WILL be featured in up and coming looks. I love them!!


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