February 15, 2011

Sephora Sample: Neutral Blues

With a purchase I had made quite a while ago, as most stores do I got a couple samples on my way out. One of which was a quick palette of four Sephora High Intensity shadows. The packaging boasts about it vibrant color and long lasting quality.


I will be doing a brief review of the colors, as well as posting a look I created using all four colors.

There is more review and pictures below...

The four colors you got in the sample were Milestone #17, Golden Girl #50, Swimming Pool #37, and Fame & Fortune #43.

All colors seemed to apply nicely. However, for the sake of the sample, it was kind of difficult to get the sample color off the card. Unfortunately that took away from the amount I could put on. Luckily, majority of the colors were well pigmented, and I ended up really liking.

My favorite colors were Milestone and Swimming Pool. I found these two colors had the most pigment in them and were just my favorite colors out of the four once applied on skin. Next time I go to Sephora I may just actually look for these two colors.


Milestone #17: As mentioned above this was one of my favorite colors out of the four. This was the chocolate brown that appeared to be more golden once applied and blended into the lid. I like the warmth from this color. It is very well pigmented and easy to work with. It was one of the only colors on the sample I had extra to spare.

Golden Girl #50: This was a lighter golden color. Very pretty on the sample paper, as well as once applied to the eye. The shadow had tiny gold sparkles, to help give it that shimmering effect. It may have been because this was a lighter shade but I found that I needed more of this color to actually show up. I just didn't have enough in the sample to make this color appear the way I wanted.

Swimming Pool #37: This was a very light turquoise blue. This was my other favorite color from this pack as mentioned above. This shade was very pigmented and very bright. This color really caught my eye because the shade was like nothing I really own, but a shade I have wanted. I will be looking for this one and am hoping it wont disappoint in standard size.

Fame & Fortune #43: This color was the pretty almost minty green. I was excited to use this color but was disappointed to see that it had the least amount of pigment. It did however have pretty green sparkles that appeared on my eyes. This again was a color I wish I had more of while doing my look. Then it may have turned out the way I had wanted.

Having tried this sample defiantly gets me interested in the maybe taking a closer look at Sephora's eyeshadow colors. However it also tells me that they, like most other company's are a hit and miss. Some will be brilliant and some, not so much. Still, worth taking a look at.

You can find this colors and many more at http://www.sephora.com/

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