March 23, 2011

China Glaze Crackle... Broken Hearted Review

About a week ago I was shopping around with my sister Amanda. We always stop by Sally's Beauty Supply. Today we happened to be asking around to see if anyone had any of the China Glaze Crackle. I have been looking for it for a couple of weeks now, and haven't been having very much luck. Well today they managed to have one left in the pink, Broken Hearted. Of course I took what I could get and jumped on it.

More info and pix below...

So once we got home we took off our old nail polish and painted our nails with the new polish right away. lol.

When using the China Glaze Crackle, you must use another China Glaze color underneath. Even if you just wanted to paint your nails with only the crackle, it wont work unless you have a China Glaze clear coat on.

I have heard many people say, I don't know how to use it... You use it like any other nail polish. You first apply your base color, then your crackle color on top. The crackle will do all the work for it. Top coat and your done. :)

The polish itself is a smooth formula just like any of the other China Glaze polishes, however I find the Crackle to be slightly thicker. When applying it make sure to apply a even coat in one shot. You wont have time to dip your brush back in the bottle and re-apply. The up side: it doesn't have to be perfect, its crackle.

I'm finding the Crackle sets to be going for anywhere between $13-15.00. Mind you this little set includes a top coat, a black base coat, and the pink crackle.

Here are swatches of Broken Hearted on the China Glaze colors I have...

(Left to right: Broken Hearted on Black, Purple, Green Sparkle, Blue, Baby Blue, White, Gold Sparkle, Rainbow Sparkle, and Clear.)

The nails outlined in red are my personal faves, although my fave color combo with Broken Hearted is bright yellow!

This polish give a super cute look, with no skill involved. I would recommend this polish to people of all ages. I can't wait to try there other colors! Happy painting!!


Peace & Luv

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  1. Hey girl hav u tried OPI's crackle polish? how does this one compare? luv ur blog!!