March 23, 2011

Today's Look... Avon Sugar Frosting

Hello makeup beauties, today I created a look that is a little more toned down for me. I would have to say that this is much more of a natural look, that really, anyone could do, or pull off. It's a very simple look that really takes no time at all.

I used a lot of neutral tones, with high shimmer. My main focus for this look was to use my 12 color Avon palette. Here's what it looks like...


If you would like to see more pictures, and a list of what products I used, simply keep reading...

To create this look I started by applying my usual base to my eye. I then began to apply my color. (Unfortunately this palette was not named, nor when the colors that where featured in in. For now I will call them Beige, Pink, & Brown.) I first applied my Beige shade to the inner corners of my eyes. I used the lightest color in the corner to open and brighten up my eye. Next I applied the Pink shade to the rest of my lid. I make sure to blend out the edges,for a nicer finished look. I then applied our maroon-brown shade and apply it into the crease, focusing more on the outer corners. This will give the eye more depth, as well as a almost smokey look. Apply your white highlight under your brow bone, add your liner and mascara and your finished!! When doing a more neutral, natural look, I like creating a more funky eyeliner line just to give the eye some kind of edge, or pazaz.

These are all the items I used to create this look...

-Prep & Prime
-Nyx Jumbo Pencil (Milk)
-Avon 12 Color Palette (Pessed Powder)
-Sugar Pill's Tako (Pressed Powder)
-E.L.F Liner Pen (Black)
-Mac's Themyscira Mascara (Blue)

-Prep & Prime
-E.L.F Studio Foundation
-Mac's Cooling Powder
-E.L.F Shimmer Palette
-Mac's Amazon Princess Blush

Mac's Emancipation Lipglass




You can check out Avon here.

Peace & Luv!

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